Friday, 7 June 2013


And somehow it's friday again. I can fully see how people blink and they're 40! Not literally. WELL ANYWAY THE WEEKEND IS UPON US AND IT LOOKS SUNNY!

Wickedland street team member Darryl sent me this photo. Its the spastic in the shirt from peri peri going to check out the new opposition, pepe's. Darryl said he looked at it for a bit, took a menu, put it in his bag and then walked off looking over his shoulder hahaha.

The Riverside festival was last weekend. Some genius people around as ever. I love anyone over the age of 50 with something tied round their waist, let alone an airbrushed t-shirt and a refreshing tropical drink on the go.

Me and Paige grabbed these frozen bananas covered in chocolate, they were so sick. The frozen bananas were dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or yoghurt and then as the chocolate was setting rubbed in sprinkles, almonds, peanuts, coconut flakes or oreo pieces. You know when you first have tinsletown milkshakes and you think yooooooooo I've got to make these at home? We had the same sensation, they were spot on.

The current happy meal toys are such useless shit. Happy meal toys are alongside wrestling when it comes to things that were far better when I was a kid.

Good that super Skol, that gucci bucket hat and that Niagara Falls T-shirt going on. The Riverside Festival is the best.

Even the european guys down Narborough road could sense there was something different and special about the day. This guy was busting out his neon orange linen shirt and trousers combo.


It was show me love that night, it was really good! Lewis was being the usual LOLMEISTER we all know and love. what a lol-merchant. 

Frank looks like a waxwork of himself here

BLG were out in full force dealing with the matter

These guys were fun, all wearing the same thing. When I was behind then they were lined up like a school photo but I couldn't quite get the picture.

My phone memory is almost full up so I'm constantly dealing with a camera that lags massively, it's becoming a real hindrance. There were these young blokes in kitted up shop mobility scooters fucking around outside the working mens club and this is the best picture I could get. I get an upgrade in September so probably just don't bother reading Wickedland until then?

STEAK NIGHT! I made these little crispy potato chips, onion rings, mixed grilled veg and a big lemon and chilli steak. It was the nicest steak I've ever cooked myself.

This guy was so lovely in town the other evening. It was about 7pm and he was just sat, fixated, stairing at a bunch of pigeons. He looked genuinely upset about something.

I found this super wicked and cool picture of a young girl looking over her glasses at me. It was on the floor on Narborough road. I was going to roll it up in the £20 and try and pass it on to the guy in Mcdonalds as I paid for my order but bottled it at the last minute. She is staying with me.

Well there is everything I've got for you! So buzzing that the sun is out. Now I've wrote this I'm off to a BBQ. Thanks for stopping by!

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