Thursday, 27 June 2013


Here is the third and final part of my time in Turkey. We went out one evening and these guys infront of a club were showing off with cans of hairspray creating fireballs and whatever. Isn't this mad dangerous? I'm sure I've seen videos of when it goes fucked and the flame goes inside the can and it explodes? Either way; these two Euro nutters were risking a molton shrapnel shower to entertain the audience.

Me and Tomo were gaffing again. God, you can't keep us off it!

I might make this my new profile picture. Let people know im serious about this smoking life.

All the locals had a really funny way of trying to get you into their bars and shops. They would greet you with a handshake as if they are so glad to see you, like you're the customers they've been waiting for. Then they would be like 'Yes please thankyou sir please this way thank you how are you yes please.' it was so funny. I liked this board how they applied that style to it.

On the first day when we were getting hassled by all the bars on the beach front to use their loungers and give them our custom this one guy (In the middle in the white) stood back, zipped his lips and said 'Im not saying anything.' We used his loungers for the whole week and grew quite fond of him and his mate to the right. I have no fucking idea who the weird chap on the left is but alcohol and phone cameras will do that to you. The one in the middle called himself the sexy chef and everything was 'sexy pepsi', 'sexy sunlounger', 'sexy sandwich' and so on.

There were little rabbits in this one bar. the barmen were giving the rabbit dregs of cocktails and getting them pissed up haha

The country was so full of amazing stuff like this. Weird crap translations or jokes

Have you ever seen something so appetising in all your life?

These two women at the airport were the same people. They had a load of tramp little twat kids running around everywhere. Such dickheads.

Also in the queue at the airport; This guy wearing a shirt with a whale jumping into a sunset. Isn't that a thing of beauty? I'm sure he wasn't wearing it to be ironic. That was really him.

Turkey was a load of fun all in all, the locals really made it a fun stay. Shouts to Baz, Uncle John, Sexy Chef, Sexy Pepsi, Bobby bullshit aka Liar Liar Bob is on Fire aka Licky Licky Lollypop, Pussy Psycho, Engin and all of the Burracuda Brothers, Uncle Bruce, Umit the Big Baby, Knob Goblin and his beautiful boyfriends, Adam and Hogan. CHEEKY DEEEECE

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