Friday, 28 June 2013


Ok so obviously I couldn't breeze through Turkey without making a quick sandwich for the roads. Here is how it went, step by step.

I got some fresh, seeded bread from the supermarket. It was turbo povery over there so 3 6 inch fresh rolls were like 1tl (28p)

I kicked things off with a little mayo. Sandwich glue.

Next I had some salami. I love the really overly pink one that obviously has colourings in that we don't allow in Britain. Delicious, synthetic meat.

They had these nondescript chilli Doritos that were really nice. Just like a slightly spicier cool original. I got a few of them in on the action.

You know that ham they have with the little jalapeƱos in? I got a pack of that and put some of that in. What a great person the bloke who came up with that is.

Some sliced gherkins as ever, literally the most delicious thing you can put in any sandwich.

Tinned sweetcorn. I'd go as far as to say this is the second most delicious thing you can put in any sandwich. I love it when it's fresh and kind of crunchy.

I had these cheese slices that were like fake Dairylea and the texture was really odd. they were really sticky, almost like they had half melted. Good for going in a sandwich!

I picked up a little pot of this homemade chilli sauce from a place down the road from our hotel that sold kebabs. It was really nice, it was kind of tomato based but very, very hot. I put a good serving on the roof of the sandwich and spread it so it soaked in.

These were really good. Right now I'm pretty hungry and wish I had them back in my life. That's how the sandwich game got down in Turkey, I hope you guys approve!

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