Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Alright, alright, part two! On our third day we went out on a boat trip for the day to go scuba diving! Dan had been before, but me and Tom had never been. It was really good fun, I kept trying to make Dan and Tom laugh so their breathing fucked up haha.

aquatic mandem 2013 now

These melons had been banging the roids

It was so hot!

I found this up on the wall in a bar haha it really made me laugh. THE BEST CUSTUMER is a guy who is swearing haha. These two men are far too old to be doing this shit in photos.

fridge game was healthy for the week. booze and sandwich making stuff.

The indian lads in the clubs were so funny, going round in a circle hitting on any and every girl. Tom was doing his best to get involved and see what was going on.


'SamDan Restaurant cafe bar'

This made me laugh, as soon as this guy walked past him he stopped and got his camera out to get a photo of the hench black guy. He was a fucking tank.

We went to this authentic Turkish place on evening. Shish kebab wraps for starters all round. I had a chicken one and Dan and Tom had a kofte one. They came with a little portion of chips and some of this nice tomato sauce.

Those two had the mixed platter, while I had a kind of meatball in tomato sauce with some rice and this thin pizza kind of thing they have on their plate. It was insanely good. For about 3 months now I've thought that Turkish food is my favourite food and this dinner cemented that. It was insane.

My meatballs in tomato sauce dish.

The next day we went on a jeep safari. The day starts when 10 open-top jeeps all meet up, each with about 10 people in and drive into the mountains. Then they handed out waterguns and we had a massive water fight with the other cars as we drove through these dirt tracks in the mountains, it was so fun. I kept pumping kids in their faces and fucking them up. Parents couldn't do shit, I was invincible.

The guy who was driving is around for the day was so funny. He kept calling Tom 'Al Pacino' (we are guessing because of a hat Tom was wearing) and kept shouting and singing all day. He was a proper character. When all the jeeps stopped off for some refreshments and to stretch our legs he turned his radio up loud, jumped out onto him jeep's bonnet and gave everyone a dance. Look at his amazing moves.

The next part of the day was when all the Jeeps drove higher into the mountains and to these waterfalls. We were diving in, it was very cold because it was so shaded over!

The last part of the day was at this 'Jesus beach', some beach with an enbankment that goes about 400 metres out to sea, so you can walk on water (like jesus.) Hogan our driver had meanwhile taken a shine to this Belorussian woman who was driving with us and was holding her hand and telling her he loved her. That was when he wasn't bragging about the size of his 'anaconda' to her. What a genuis.

Out of all the weird Turkish blokes we met, he might just have been the best.

I'll write and post part 3 tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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