Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Alright you lot! Feast your hungover eyes on this, a round up of everything that happened in the world of Wickedland this year.


I had a great night out in Dalston with Jamie, Dan, Conway and SPT. We spent about 90% of the night drinking cans of beer and interviewing people in the street. It snowed a lot, we banged Instanbul for the first time and Cadburys dropped that Oero one that changed the game for a minute.


That whole identity theft thing happened, there was the sidewynder birthday shubbz at the O2, baby Louie was born, as was Show Me Love.


The snow came back, I played the Warriors pretty much non stop and we dropped Silver Tongued.


We broke into my old school for a drink and to say goodbye before it got demolished, John was about and I smashed the shit out of my printer and it felt amazing.


Lewis had a house party, Jess had a baby, the sun came out and I went Portugal with my sisters!


I went to Turkey with Tom and Dan. I eat two amazing things whilst I was there, literally both in my top 5 things I ate all year. I went scuba diving and we met so many genius Turkish weirdos. Including Hogan (pictured).


July was a contender for month of the year, (as I made clear here) I had a feast of homemade indian food at Natalies, Kyle touched road again, Jamie had a sick house warming party in London, I had my exhibition and work in Melton with Debbie Bird on a Sainsburys commission.


The carnival came and was at wet as ever, man like Charlie came into the world and Wellgosh put on the shubbz of the year. Grime has been alive and beautiful this year, I've heard it out more in Leicester than ever before.


I dropped Shoebox Money 2, went to Menorca with my mum and Rose, and GTA5 mania took over.


I moved into my new place, won the league with the Wednesday night lads, repped another freshers with work, saw Jay Z and Arctic Monkeys, ate at MEAT liquor and it was fucking sensational and Darryl and Sandy threw their Halloween party. October, thinking about it was also a contender for the month of the year.


I saw Dilated Peoples, had a great night in London with his lot and ate so, so much soup and yoghurt. No chewing in November.


I saw J Cole, waved off the purple with Dan and we got the best news of the year when we found out Burger King was reopening in town.

That's a year then! I know I'm not alone when I say that it seemed to have absolutely rush me by. Thanks to everyone old and new for sticking by and still reading my blog. With the consistency of the podcasts this year I think it's really added a nice element of interaction with regards to the way you lot are consuming my blogs content and I am so so happy at everyone who has been involved. I had a couple of posts this year that absolutely flew (the identity theft deal on February, the 10 things about twitter I posted around October to name a couple) and obviously they wouldn't have had such a wide reach if it wasn't for you lot sharing the links about and posting Wickedland for your friends to read. Thank you all Wickedlanders for the continued support and have an amazing new year.

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