Thursday, 23 January 2014


Let me talk to them. Ok its the blog game Phil Collins aka the Braunstone bruiser aka the Stephen Hawkins of sandwich making and I'm back with some crack for you lot.

A lot of you have been emailing in saying 'hey Sam, we realised Asda (where we know you do your grocery shopping) and a lot of other respectable supermarket chains are selling breaded chicken steaks that are super easy to prepare and very versatile. If you are buying them, how do you eat yours?'

Well it's a fucking good job I've got this blog of mine to hit you lot of with a little recipe isn't it? Let's kick it off.

First, I'll toast a bagel, I like mine not so well done and get some ranch sauce on the base.

Then a little salad, for me some thinly sliced cucumber and a bit of white onion.

Generously apply some thick, spicy tomato salsa to the bottom of the top of the bagel.

Introduce your chicken steak. Asda do a pack of 6 of these for £3 or part of their 3 for £7 prepped meat range. Get involved, super cheap, really easy to prepare and versatile as fuck.

Get a couple sandwich gherkins on the salsas team. I've only just realised how ridiculous having ghekins and cucumber in the same sandwich is but fuck it and fuck you. It's my fucking sandwich i'll put on it whatever I want, you can't stop me. Sometimes I'll drink milkshake whilst I'm playing football because they're both things I enjoy doing with my life very much.

A sandwich isn't a sandwich without the cheese. I grated some white cheddar on the chicken, by all means microwave it or grill it for a minute to meal that. For this particular party I fancied cold cheese so I spared it.

Pop a couple of pepperoni slices on top of the cheese. Like a little boob job for a sandwich. The oil from the pepperoni and the vinegar from the pickles will mix and make it delicious. Put it this way, if you threw a party with only beautiful people there and any two of them had sex it would be a beautiful thing.

Flip the lid, serve with a twin and some wedges. Fuck these were so good man, writing this and looking through these pictures is making me so hungry, I might make some more whenI get home tonight.


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