Sunday, 5 January 2014


Yooooooooooooo here is all the stuff I got over my Christmas and new years break. Let's go.

Birdman mobbing. After recent spottings I'm starting to think he has lost the backpack for good. I don't think I've seen him wearing it since summer.

Baynzeline food. I made some chips with this spiiiiicy (slightly too spicy) chicken and roasted veg. I love veg so much, I don't know how people don't like it.

Seeing this picture is making me realise just how long it's been since I put pictures up. This was from Beastwang on the 20th. I really like this photo, I wish I had took it with a better camera. Beastwang was a vibes as ever.

Burger King opened, I got Ghst Wrld numbers on instagram for a photo outside it and old birds moved their meals about ontop of their trollies. Life is just being alive.

Sarah got me these. It took me about 4/5 before I decided how disgusting they are. They're such a weird taste. They sit on my desk at work and every now and then I'm victim of greed and reassurance that they won't be that bad. They get worse. I'm going to take them home so if you want in, remind me next time you pop over.

I watched some of Beyonces new videos with Frank and Bradley. Bradley's slightly crooked neck and facial expression reminds me of the first time Mowgli see's the man village in Jungle Book. He knows he likes what he is seeing but he can't understand it. It's all so new and exciting to him. 'Partition' is our favourite of the new videos.

Will's done alright ain't he. This last couple weeks he has been drinking (Coca Cola from a) Grey Goose (bottle) and jetting off to Barbados. Flashy fucker.

Firebug got real on Christmas eve when we got around the foosball table. Tournaments, boyfriend vs girlfriend games, the lot. It got tense.  

Does this make you feel weird and uncomfortable? If you didn't know Max, try and imagine seeing this photo. Maybe it's something about masks that is deep inside my mind.

Loads of Indian lads were kicking off at each other on Belvoir street and subsequently getting nicked. Pissed out of our minds we were filming them, taking pictures, cheering the coppers on and offering them pro bono bitch job legal advice. We had this one guy believing a was a junior Solicitor for a little minute.

I was staying at my mums so I got to enjoy the novelty of the long walk home. It took an hour and half because we were pissing around so much, it was great.

I think Tom won the Christmas Day Snapchat challenge I set in my head.

Christmas dinner levelled again. Once again this year Instagram was inundated with pictures of dogshit average dinners. I think more so than people having average Christmas dinners my gripe is with mediocrity on social media.

You know them Polish snacks there? I went back man. I relapsed. I rolled back time and got involved again. I swear they tasted better than before. So cheap too.

Boxing day dinner is always kind of a vibes at my mums house too. All like cold cuts and pickles and shit like that. I watched that two parter that was on BBC about the train robbery, it was fucking fascinating and really well told.

Am I late on these? They didn't really buzz out Instagram the way I thought they would so maybe I'm late. I've never seen them before anyway.


I went to my aunties for a bit on NYE. I've told you lot before she is deeper in the food game and this photo does what she did absolutely no justice, I was too gassed I didn't care about Wickedlanding it, I just wanted it in my mouth. It was some slow roasted pork that had been cooked in cider. It was so, so, so good.

Louie was boozing as it was new years. Why not

That bring me and you up to speed, A round up of everything that has happened since I last posted. Thanks for popping by, stay bout it bout it

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