Monday, 3 February 2014


You know when I write these blog posts I seriously realise how fast weeks fly by, it's insane. Before I know it I'm uploading sneaky photos of strangers. Anyway, enough of the pleasantries, let's do some Wickedlanding.

Ok so imagine Chinese people right yeah, then imagine people graduating. Then imagine Chinese people graduating. The other day I was up at the Leicester Uni campus when a load of Chinese people were graduating. Can you imagine the amount of photos being taken? It was fucking insaaaane. Like it was like a competition.

Wheeeeeeey! It's was their end of exams, so it was one of our pure busy events at the O2 last friday, we went out to join in.

Couple Wickedland guys and dolls, nothing much, normal day. I really don't remember much of this night. I had an absolute shocker serious, I fucked it. Like top 5 most drunk times ever in my entire life. Myth. The next day I sent a drunken snapchat that I had no recollection of. Not an ideal situation.

I tried my best to get over the hangover the next day with a super sized Burger King. It was absolutely delicious, I adore everything about Burger King, from the cheese to how hot the jalapeƱos are. It's just perfect and even if the one in town isn't completely up to scratch I'm glad it's back in the city centre.

I found this on Saturday night. I literally bought this (1 litre) bottle to pre drink before going out on friday, thinking yeah, I'll have a couple to warm me up. I can't believe how much I drank, is this a fucking joke? I don't need to be drinking this much before I even go out. Myth

Looooool imagine this. Imagine the kind of wankers that would turn up to this. Like think for a second about the sort of blokes who would look at this poster and seriously think that they would win this. How would it be formatted? I'm my head it's kind of like a Whose Line Is It Anyway sort of thing but with props and they have to improvise and try and be funny with them. I might go, I'm sure it would be hilarious. Louis Theroux style Wickedland investigation.

Oi naaaa last Sunday my mum went different and made steak and kidney pies from scratch. Do you know how deep these were? Obviously I had everything else stacked high and made it a real dance. This brought me back to life after a long weekend of Netflix and regret.

I took this picture the other day, I was pretty happy with it. I'm not massive on still life photography and whatever but the sunset was really odd that day, I thought it was a nice snap.

I got back to podcasting with this guy the other day. It's been a while, we took a few weeks off over Christmas but we are back, talking Justin Bieber Adnan Januzaj with the Nandos incident and the Grammys. It was really fun to get back into it.

Yooooooo Rose has been doing some first aid training thing at the council so we've been having a couple deeper lunches. I made fajitas the other evening and left them to marinade and sweat over night. Popped back home, a little re heat and we had delicious fresh fajitas for lunch. I felt so fucking smug seriously, I went home and had home cooked fajitas for lunch, all within an hour. Fuck with me.

Yooooo Bradley has a lookalike innit?! I've seen this guy near my yard a couple times and never got to get a photo of him. Here he is, just mobbing.

Smug fajita eating session right huuuur

Leicester Uni girls are really helpful with the students whenever there is a bar crawl or whatever. Look at this. Tremedous service.

Wheeeeey!!!! Students love necking off on dancefloors, these lot were at it for a right long time, proper going for it.

Finally, today at uni my man was just wearing a fez. Casual fezzing as you do. That's the best I can offer you.

That's your lot for today! Thanks for popping by and enjoy your evening! Have fun and don't even think about using protection.

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