Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Yo what it do, what it do, blog game Phil Collins back up in this bitch with some more #Wickedlandwhiches for you all. Let me set it off

I started off with some chunky salsa on a toasted bagel.

After this, I got some spicy sausages out of the griddle pan and onto the sandwiches.

Also in the pan frying with the sausages was a green chilli pepper and some sweetcorn. I put that on. I love those green chillis so so much.

Get the rest of that Americana cheese on it top of it all. bang it under the grill because remember, cheese is our sandwich glue.

Pick the remaining pepperoni slices that have been sizzling away in the griddle pan out and pop them on the sour cream you just spread out under the lid.

Flip the top and press them down. These look a bit messy but they were seriously so so delicious. They were unbelievable.

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