Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Yo wassup then, the blog game Phil Collins aka the Caribbean cat and I'm here to add yet more stuff to an already cluttered internet. Let's go

Have you seen this guy? Wearing a 22 carat solid gold T-shirt. Are you stupid? How sho is that? He is laughing at us for wearing fabric. Cotton? looooool

I took a picture of this thinking it was serious, but then I saw it says he has been on Channel 4 and I thought it might be a gimmick or something. If it's a parody of this kind of shit then I don't really rate it, but if this is genuinely this guys vision of a wicked tour poster and he just has bad taste I love it.

Jesus christ. I don't think there is a single square metre on gods green earth where I stand and feel as much rage as when I'm next in the queue for the self service till of the Tesco near me. This guy was buying some Anadin priced at £2.89 and they scanned through at £2.99. He waited to get the attention of the checkout girl and when he told her the problem she made him wait because she was currently serving someone else.

He waited as myself and the 5 other people behind me now huffed and puffed. When he explained the problem to the member of staff they were kind of shocked and suprised he was holding us all up. As the member of staff went to change the price of the item someone else came to her til and she had to pop off. We were all still waiting. I offered him the 10p, as did these other two guys in the queue and he said 'Well it's not about that because it'll be the wrong price for the next needs sorting' as if that was truly his issue. Me and these other guys insisted he just took the 10p and stopped holding up the queue and he paused, flustered and asked '...What's the point?' and walked out without the Anadin ahhaaha it was so so fucked and awkward.

You know those things what you have to stand in front of and the different big buttons light up, and you have to slap them and turn the lights off? Like reflex tests? Highway Maintenance have a massive one on the back of this truck and it drives around town. You have to run behind it and try your best.

We had our belated Christmas party with work last Saturday. It got very messy indeed.

Couple Rockstar wickedland reps

It was a really good night, we went to some club in Birmingham and all got really pissed, it was bloody great.

I got a snapchat off Poppy from twitter of Wiley doing a Wickedland W. What? Yeah that's him, get over it.


Again, stood in tesco furious over my life because of idiots misuse of the self service checkout. Surely you lot hate people doing big shops in small stores too? This dickhead wasn't bagging as she went along and bought half the fucking shop. Poor behaviour. The staff must notice me constantly taking pictures of people on the self service checkouts.

It was my birthday yesterday so Monday night a few of us went to Republic. Michelles friend had a Dermot O'Leary phone case. You into that? (Bradley isn't the friend I was talking about by the way)

Everyone has took the short back and sides and done the whole Boardwalk Empire slick back thing. I looked at this guys hair and just thought it's gone too far hasn't it. My drunk photography isn't upto much but he had an undercut right up to his crown with scraggly rats tails hanging down. That's not Boardwalk Empire is it.

We've all seen tramps taking their Maryland into Mcdonalds but it takes a real pro to take a McDonalds into Maryland. That's true power. Ratings.

Yesterday me, Darryl, Pog and Teeps found this shop in the Malcolm arcade full of boxes of old film rolls, slides, exposers, old cameras and parts, records, tapes, video tapes and everything else you can imagine. We spent ages looking through it all. Those are guns under the counter if you can make them out.

This stack of briefcases was fun. The guy who is rented the plot has no idea what's there. It's all piled up and full of shit, I'm sure there will be something worth some money in there somewhere. It was amazing to look through haha

Nice birthday card from Rose. 

That's yo lot! I had photos of Max having a breakdown when Liverpool stuffed Arsenal over the weekend that he didn't notice me take, but it's not funny to put pictures of your mates having breakdowns on the internet is it haha. Have fun and thanks for popping by.

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