Friday, 17 October 2014


Jesus it's been a while since I posted like this. We are going waaaay back here. What's up we all good? Let's get into what's been going on recently.

It's funny how certain physical things have connotations attached to them. Peep old boy wearing that backwards fitted hat. All I can think of is frat parties hahaha

I saw Skepta do an extremely quick PA at Level One, the DMU SU. He killed it, he did That's Not Me again and it was going off. He looks so comfortable with it now.

The following night I went to a wicked house party at Biddles house. Most of the people who i went to Outlook with were there so it was nice to see them all.

The Penis Wall was tremendous. Just take a second to appreciate the variety here! All shapes and sizes haha it reminded me of Superbad.

Later a few of us went to see Lethal Bizzle at the O2. One of the worst things in life is when you go to drink a shot of sambuca and it's actually tequila. I'm so crap with tequila.

It was rammed out and Bizzle was getting sing alongs all night. I was thinking about how all these 13/14 year olds who used to have a couple of grime songs on their phones are now all 18/19 and have turned into the people who buy tickets and merch and stuff. It's cool, it means the profiles of people like Biz, Wiley, Skepta, JME and so on are only gonna get bigger.

'Fudge Temptations.' I wont lie it was tempting but probably just a bit too niche.

I repped the UOL bar crawl with Bradley and the guys from work. The Beaumont and Digby block 6 skets were out in fine fashion, phone numbers on the back of their shirts.

Couple man had already slopped it by the time they got to the club lol

Big up man like Zak yeah. Zak. I was hosting at Beastwang Friday night and my man drops the quick W at the front haha. Says he is a long time Wickedland reader and even listens to the podcasts so shout to him, big man Wickedlander.

The Undertaker on Narborough road just browsing for something semi detatched in the West Leicester area.

Me and Brad went to watch Zane Lowe close the UOL Freshers festivities. This guy was here wearing this T shirt. Reminded me of that photo of a girl parading her boyfriend around the supermarket with a Tshirt saying that he cheated and he had to wear the Tshirt as punishment. Look at this shit.

Look in his eyes. Focus, turn your music off or whatever and just focus in his eyes. You can clearly see that this T shirt wasn't his idea. He doesn't want it. 'His girls' seem far happier about being in the photo than he is. Poor bloke.

The Yellow Bastard from Slug and Lettuce and previously of Sin City fame is a weird one isn't he. I see him bopping around near my house sometimes, always looking unnatural. Here he is in the freezing rain just wearing a vest. Why not? What message is he looking to send out here? If there are any 90s boybands in the area looking for stunt doubles for music videos, probably just DM him or Whatsapp him or something.

Look at that. A calendar simply called 'black'. Hahaha black and white photos of handsome black models. Now imagine the sort of scene when someone buys that. I don't think that's ever a calendar that the buyer wouldn't feel weird about buying. I wonder how it sells. That's got to be awkward hasn't it haha.

Is that where we are then? Is that where we've reached? Twerk or Treat? Wicked. Cheers for that.

Look at this prick thinking he is a rockstar in the Apple shop. Leave that on the phone for someone to find.

That's all I've gathered for you! Hope you lot enjoyed your instalment, I'll have some new bits up soon! Keep wickedlanding

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