Thursday, 23 October 2014


My thought for the day is about when girls say guys are 'just using them for sex' and the very notion that sex isn't a mutual act. I hate the way a lot of girls will almost try to use sex like a bargaining chip and put it across as if it is theirs to give. A treat they can lay on if they feel like it. I notice plenty of girls banding this phrase around 'he used me for sex' more and more these days as if we don't live in a time and culture where initiating sex is almost, if not completely mutual. I personally know plenty of girls who are happy to take the lead role in casual sexual relationships. I have plenty of female friends who don't hide this. It's nothing new or wild these days.

How can someone use you for sex? Like as if you are doing them a favour. Throwing them a bone. Like as if the female isn't enjoying the sex too. The only explanation is that it's a desperate last grasp at trying to reason why a guy didn't want to commit to you. Settling the matter in your head. He was using you for sex. Of course he was, because at the time you were hating it. In an age where sexual equality and the liberation of women as sexual beings is rammed down our throats daily it's a bit rich when certain girls will act as if it's still the 1920s and a mean man used trickery and deception to get them to drop their knickers.

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