Saturday, 18 October 2014


Yooooo so I made flapjacks. I'm gonna get real fucking good at baking these fuckers.

I had oats, demerara sugar, golden syrup, butter and malteasers. This whole lot came up to just less than £7.

I never knew they were so easy to make. Here is me melting the butter, sugar and golden syrup together.

I put the malteasers in a bowl because I figured that looks like the right thing to do innit.

Added the ooooats

I emptied them out into a tray and flattened them out. This was where I made my mistake. I put the malteasers in. They were all lovely and starting to melt a little. Apparently exposed chocolate just burns so I guess I'll have to add these when they come out next time.

Then, like a prick I turned the oven up. I was too excited and didn't think that the low heat would be right for whatever reason. The malteasers looked like raisins. It looks fucked here but it wasn't that bad, literally just the very top burnt.

My mate told me as soon as they come out to separate them and that would help them cool and set. They were fucking charred.

Obviously flipped them over so they looked alright. They were actually fine you know, Only a few tasted burnt. I can't wait to make another batch, put the malteasers in at the end and NOT turn the heat up because i'm too excited.

My first ever go, they were really nice. I obviously added more sugar and golden syrup than the recipe said. £7 made 24 massive flapjacks, I was pretty happy with that.

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