Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Yoooooooo just a young QUICKERS

Remember at the end of the last post I did I said I bought a slow cooker? Remember I told you I was gonna make a sausage stew? This is that. Fuck all measurements because I only cook if it's loads of food. For this I used 5 big potatos, 4 red peppers, 3 red onions, 3 big carrots,  a pack of green beans and about 900g of sausages. I had some mexican ones from the market.

Then I made a stock and added about 1500ml's water. Retrospectively that was a bit too much, I had to leave it to reduce a bit.

This was after work, after it had been in about 4 hours. It was coming together nicely.

Another 3 hours later

Man, it was absolutely fucking delicious. My slow cooker is a 6.5ltr one, pretty massive, most of them on Amazon were about 3.5ltr. I got 13 bowls of this stew out of the pot haha. I was so so excited when I was making this and all the prep took less than an hour. I want to make a curry or something next.

The following night I went to Crafty. It was fucking exquisite as ever. 

Pre podcast little fuel up mate. Sandy got that chicken burger that's fried in the rice crispys. Very mental

I think the topped fries are my favourite thing to eat in the whole city. I've come to terms with how much I truly love chips, and I'm ok with that. I can't remember what these ones are called but they're my favourite.

I went to Eskimo Dance on Saturday. I've never in my life known something to feel more bittersweet than this night. Like obviously anyone who follows my blog knows how much I love grime music and grime culture. Same way that anyone who isn't in a coma is aware of how big grime is getting now. Songs like German Whip and That's Not Me got absolutely hammered on mainstream radio.

I'll try and keep this as brief as possible, because I know I can ramble on about this shit. Eskimo Dance is a staple of the culture, a dance set up by Wiley baaaack in the day. Grime in the time that I fell in love with it was very underground, very niche and very unappealing. It sounded ugly, so typically the only people who would go to raves were people who were completely in love with the culture. Grime dances were violent and intimidating. Frequently getting locked off because massively brawls would break out or whatever. I remember being at a rave in Sheffield in 09 where someone flashed about a gun on the dancefloor and the party was over before 11pm. It was so so fucking exciting.

Last Saturday felt more like a student night. All the cheeky Nandos boys came out. I saw people cutting shapes, girls on shoulders. It felt like a student night. Not nearly enough roadmen to set the tone and make it uncomfortable. Kano and Ghetts killed it down but aside from that it was very underwhelming. I saw so many people I knew, so many Sophbeck girls. The thing is because grime is no longer niche, this event was open to a far wider audience and everything that was once fun about grime was completely lost. Trilla was shelling it down and all the dorky white little nerds from the shire were just waiting to film JME on their iphones.

Fekky was the special guest (not a grime artist) and his PA (of his non grime tunes) got the biggest reaction of the night. Like me put this in the plainest English; The crowd at Eskimo dance cared more for a PA by a rapper than Wiley, Kano and Ghetto going back to back. I'm never going to a grime rave ever again.

Ok, joking aside now. I really need mandem to stop wearing these tight trackies. Look at that lol bang out of order.

Hit the fucking belly in Tesco. These were on the reduced rack, 25p each. Infinite sunglasses emojis

Had a real moment the other night. I was drunk on my sofa and smashing my way through a bag of Frazzles. It was like everyone knows frazzles are delicious but fuck me, they are really really incredible aren't they. They so so moorish and delicious. Even when I've got one in my mouth I can't help but get another and throw it in. They're sublime.

You know that Asda in Oadby? Why do people always rob it for trollies? So funny how you always see people on road round there with them.

They've completely changed The Polar Bear. It's mad, like I didn't think I felt any affinity to it, but then I went to watch the game the other night and I kind of missed it. Like it was really grotty, and dingy but I spent a lot of time there. I think a lot of people my age used to hammer it when they'd do quids on a Thursday. It's nice what they've done with it but naturally they're gonna attract a different customer now. They've grown up, maybe I should haha.

I had a nice Sandwich from St Martins in the day. It was a 'Cuban' with pulled pork, hams, pickles, cheese and mustard. It was delicious, but the bread was so so hard and rough it cut all the inside of my mouth haha.

That's your lot. In other news go and watch a documentary on Netflix called 'Austin to Boston'

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