Friday, 18 December 2015



This Cain guy is one of those people who I see far too often. This year his videos have been fucking everywhere and I find myself sucked in. I'll have mindlessly reached the end of one before I've even noticed I've started to watch one. They usually go a certain way, it's him playing his level headed male self and then with his hair in a slightly different style he will play the part of his needy and erratic girlfriend, Emily.

The really amazing bit is how often these come into my life. People fucking love them and they constantly get posted everywhere all the time. I cannot avoid them. Yet they're all the same. They all have been the same for so very long. They all have the same content, same story arch and obviously they're just him, talking to himself in his house. The viral Facebook video machine loves pushing this shit onto the timeline.

Who is the enemy here though? This Cian lad seems a bit basic, but he seems alright, like a nice enough bloke. About 10 years ago, maybe a little more the popularity of Peter Kays stand up taught me one thing, and that's that the mongs love their comedy to be relatable. Funny can be a byproduct, but as long as they can directly relate to a situation the performer is talking about they'll fucking lap it up and pass it on. He isn't the problem so much as the culture he is pushing.

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