Tuesday, 5 January 2016


Yoooo here's a round up of all the stuff that happened over the festive period.

Standardly went out and got really drunk on Christmas eve. Big up Sam and Sam. We sat in Orange Tree letting off drunk snapchats

I was out with Dan and we got so horribly drunk together. Easily the most pissed I've been this year. We went to Maryland. I ate their strips for the first time in years.

Mahrez is funny isn't he haha. With his backwards caps and that.

It's fucking on. Even though moooost of them are just meat with a fruit or something I'm sure there's gonna be some really cool shit in here. Christmas day was a real chore. I really ruined it for myself, it wasn't fun at all I was in pain from that hangover.

I love the shit we have at boxing day on my mums. I've found myself in my camera roll looking at this flick every day since I put it away.

Jetski was back on Boxing day evening so a load of us went out for some drinks. Have you noticed a lot of people are shaving their eyebrows completely off recently? See if you notice it now I've said it.

Boxing day was fucking cool man

This is jack with his sister. Firstly I didn't even know this was his sister and I don't know how to pronounce or spell her name but she was so lovely. We've never properly met and she told me she really loves WL and reads it all the time. She moved out of Leicester. I think a lot of the people who read WL avidly are people who live away and are a bit home sick and miss Leicester. But she was so so nice so big up her.

I got some Wickedland stickers made up. Let me know if you want some, I've got fucking loads. I've been giving them out everywhere I go haha big up Elliot

That's very mental isn't it. H&M have the shittest hats ever. Sad thing is I bet some cunt would buy a beanie with a snap hahaha

Ben was back too! Got to spend a lot of time with him, that was nice. Here he is making a W with his knife and fork with our mate Max.

Check this out, an actual Roy Chubby Brown tribute act is booked and is going to perform at Molly O'Grady's. How genius is that? Tickets only a fiver soooooooo

There is this new little chip chop just to the side of the entrance to the Haymarket. AWESOME CHIPS. I fucking love chips so I went for a look.

It's a cool idea, they have loads of sauces and loads of salts, and you basically order a small, medium or large and they toss them with the sauce. Or you can get the dollop on top.

It kind of defeats the point of wearing gloves for hygiene and food handling purposes if you're handling money all day doesn't it?

I got mine tossed with blue cheese sauce and sprinkles with cajun salt. This was a medium and it was about £3.

Been hammering this shit. I'm having a devastating realisation right now. I took a photo of these reeeeally nice sandwiches I made for my snapchat and didn't save the photo. So I don't have a picture to post, but it was toasted bread, this shit, sausages, bacon, beans with brown sauce and cheese. Very nice indeed.

I went to meet my cousins daughter Ella! She was a week old. She was so lovely. I took Louie (My cousins two year old) a christmas present and he was preeeeetty buzzing haha. It was cool, he's starting to remember who I am when I see him, it's so nice.

NYE at Beastwang I gave out a shit load of those stickers haha. Drunk people fucking love stickers so much. They're so bait, literally just the web address so they were cool promotion. I wonder how many hits they will drum up.

I'm getting so sick of cunts loitering in the Market Street McDonalds. It's either homeless people bumming about, Deliveroo delivery workers (that are far worse, weirder tramps than I would have thought) or twat teenagers petting each other and jamming on the wifi. I'll go in there and spend money to eat and I don't want to be surrounded by these tramps, it's really starting to irritate me. I need a security guard to get people to fuck off. These twat kids were about 6/7 deep all shouting and being well annoying.

Aside from the missing sandwich (still devastated) that's everything I have for you. I've got some more fun bits coming later on in the week!

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