Monday, 18 January 2016


What's good then you lot? Here's a gaggle of shit that I've been on with recently. MORE WICKEDLAND

I went to that steak place again, the one I went to with Nico a few weeks back. Man, it's so good, you get soooo much fucking steak. One of my favoruite spots at the minute. Heard the hygiene is kinda low, but the food is on 10, so I'm down.

I went to Miggz's birthday set last weekend. There was a baaaag of MCs there, like all the SDR lot plus more. It was sick, it was recorded, and it was filmed too. I'll post it here when its out. It was so fun, like sets are my favourite element of grime culture and this felt so authentic. Like this is the shit why I started spitting way back in the day.

It's mad how much girls love dogs you know. Just walking through town with Darryl and Chubbs he gets soooo much love it's unreal. Girls were coming out of shops to come and meet him haha.

So I went to see The Hateful Eight. I wasn't blown away, but I did really enjoy it. I felt like it was the most underwhelming Tarantino film I've been to see at the cinema. I really like some of his other films, but this seemed so drawn out and formulaic. Plus, it's sooooo nauseating how often he uses the word 'nigger'. Like after Django and the backlash I didn't think he would come back like it. It's like he enjoys a vessel to write and use the word as often as possible. It get's a bit tasteless and uncomfortable after a while.

'Hi Craig, we've worked on the van livery, everything is looking great so far, but there is a space on the panel to the left of the text. Do you have a logo you'd like to use?'

'Can you do photographs?'

'Sure, like a photo of some of the work you've do-'

'man on motorbike'

'...sorry, Craig?'

'going round a corner pure fast. Man on motorbike'

Caroline Quentin is always on the cover of these kind of magazines isn't she? Like do these women really relate to her? Does she have that much to say? Is she just a safe cheap booking for the front of these mags? I'd really like to know. There must be something in it because I swear this is all she does. Maybe she just reeeally fucking loves these magazines haha.


Had to make a quick chicken Jalfrezi on Friday. Made it at like 2 in the morning and left it on overnight. Bro when I say tender I'm not even playing.

In the morning I added more curry paste and the cream.

It was fucking unreal, I was very happy with myself.

AND I've got looooads of it! I might just make curries all the time and eat nothing else. Look at this pool of chicken sludge.

I went to Saray Mangal the other night. It's so nice in there. While I was like watching food come out and stuff I was thinking it's got to be one of the nicest spots in Leicester. All the little salads and all that shit are so delicious. I wanna go and get one of the massive sharing platters. I love the way this sort of cuisine has come to Leicester, I can't imagine being against immigration. 

Just a little round up, but that's your lot for now! Thanks for reading WICKED WICKED WICKED WICKED

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