Friday, 8 January 2016



What's good Wickedlanders, we are back after a little Christmas break. I had to take some time off, one Wasteman every week was very tiring work but we back at it. Over Christmas I was exposed to Catherine Tate's unique brand of 'comedy'. The Christmas TV was as limp and pathetic as ever, reeling out their old favourites for the mindless drones that watch that shit. I can't remember what she was on but I caught a bit of her.

Now when I went to New York last year we got talking to this bloke in a bar and he was talking about comedians. He said Catherine Tate was one of his favourite exports, which was obvious met with shock by us lot. We went on to ask him what he found funny about her and he reminded us of the 'Am I bovvered' sketches. That's what he said he liked. I'd had the pleasure of forgetting that that shit ever existed, but now it's ripe in the forefront of my mind again thanks to this tasteless bloke.

Now Peter Kay (rightly so) get's a gang of bad press for his overly relatable catchphrase driven stand up. Say what you will about it, at least Peter Kay gave a few rather good TV series', that's his own contribution to earth. With Catherine Tate I cannot see how she is fully employed as a comedian. How is this what she gets paid to do? It blows my fucking mind. Did you watch the American Office? Wasn't it sensational until she came in and fucked that up? It's almost incredible how she is employed. I can only assume she is really nice, and is dead pally with the right people at the BBC because they churn her out every chance they get.

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