Friday, 27 May 2016



now there are a few things to consider here, I'm going to break it down. 3 primary offences I can think of. Firstly, fuck anyone who buys a ticket for something to announce it on social media only to sell the ticket at a later date. One of my greatest pet peeves. Incredible begging. Begging of the highest order. You'd rather have that instant gratification than actually live out the moment and go to the show. I've never ever bought a ticket for anything and not gone, and I never intend to. That's because I actually like the things I like and want to go and see them. concerts, festivals, sports events, stand up, you name it. Nothing, and I never will. It's so offensive. People will worm it and act like they've got somewhere else they need to be and cannot make it. Don't fall for their fucking lies. Simple fact is they wanted to be part of the hype and then when nobody really gave a shit, or they finished rolling round and enjoying all the likes they tried to get their money back.

Second point. Buying show tickets to resell them is one of the shittiest things you can do. I mean make your money illegally, I'm all for that. Buy and sell. Mark up. Do what you need to because at the end of the day the world is expensive and it isn't free to live. However, buying in demand tickets to go and see any event and re-selling them is a false economy. You have nothing to do with the art or event and you're just making money off of them. It's a shit thing to do. Luckily it looks like Kasabian don't have the fan-ship to sell out two days, so these tickets are easy to get, but the people who bought them to re sell them are as bigger arseholes as the people actually going to the gig.

Third and final point is Kasabian are tragically shit. It's a crime buying a ticket, let alone selling it on. It's infuriating that we are supposed to like them just because they're from Leicester. Why is that? I like grime music, so if there is a sick grime MC from Leicester I'm going to like them. I like soul, so if there is an awesome soul band from Leicester I'm going to like them. Why is it nobody listens to that boozy, laddish, anthemic guitar rock yet everyone from here feels the need to pretend they like Kasabian? Do these cunts who rushed out to buy their tickets spend their days listening to other similar bands? It's honestly such a sad facade. I know about 3 people who actually genuinely like them, everyone else just goes along with it because they don't want to be left out. That's what this mad rush was to buy tickets, now everyone is selling them on. Same with the show in the park they did last time. Just a day out, nobody gives a fuck about their shit music. Girls tagging along desperate to dress like they're at Coachella and upload a picture. Sub in any band and imagine they're from Leicester and it would be the same thing.

Thankfully the Sunday show isn't a sell out, so fingers crossed everyone who bought one will have to just swallow it and pay for their begging wether they choose to go or not. It's kind of nice seeing that sort of divine justice happen on such a large scale.

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