Thursday, 5 May 2016


This sun is giving me life.

Check this guy haha. I wonder why he was wearing this. To go to the international food market too. Screaming about being British haha.

There's a european graffiti crew in Leicester who write CNB's, and I saw this tag. I love that, making the acronym into the word 'CANIBALS'

I painted this the other week. I really struggle now I don't draw all the time to progress my letters. I feel like every piece I do is the same these days.

yung polo tho soooo

Here's the girls giving me a little Wickedland W from Benidorm. They were out there for a hen do. Apparently this local pizzeria had a pizza called 'The Muslim" haha.

I kind of like the faceswaps where they fuck up a bit. Look at how fucking funny my mum looks. Imagine him. What a weird little bloke hahaha

Have you ever seen that show called The Almost Impossible Gameshow? It's vibers. This lad won part of it, and did this to the camera saying 'Wicked' haha. He better be a fucking reader, I'm not having that if he's not.

I spent my whole Friday blowing up balloons for some night we were doing at work. it was so repetitive and mindless, I really enjoyed it. i always think with that kind of work it's fun to do for a bit, like one day now and again, but doing it all the time must be soul destroying.

I saw Owen Ross at Handmade Festival on the Friday. I've known Owen foreverrrrr and he's read Wickedland even longer. Look at us proper giving it some. I think if Leicester was fucked and I somehow got the job of getting all the good guys onto a life raft, Owen would be bang up there. Long before we first met properly and he used to work at a printers he sorted me out a really good deal on some print and I've never forgot about it haha.

I was at the festival to see headliners We Are Scientists. I like most of their music, but their second album With Love and Squalor is one of my absolute favourite albums. Top 5. They played plenty of songs from it and it was just perfect. I was very drunk.

I'm smiling but inside I'm dead. I woke up to bright sunshine so I went for the new white AMs. Sure enough England was still England and I didn't get to enjoy the sun too much before it started to rain.

Is that fun then? Is that a good way to live your life? Fuck this bullshit

This is incredible. You know that little kiosk to the side of the entrance to the Haymarket near Burger King that sells chips? It's from there. Absolutely superb.

I linked up with a bag of guys in town on Saturday to film the video for 'Fearless', a tune celebrating Leicester's win featuring Kama, Rezz, Skeez and G Tek. It's going to be absolutely huge, I'm sure you've already seen the attention It's getting from the media. When it drops and Soccer AM and LadBible get hold of it I think it will clock millions of views.

Pete still doing them thangs. Now rocking the retro Tigers shirt.

My Cds landed! I've just got the fun task now of putting the sleeves into the wallets. Absolutely cannot wait.

Thanks for popping by! See you soon.

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