Friday, 13 May 2016



She's had a bit of a shocker this week hasn't she. It all started when she was sending shots via Instagram and Twitter at Zayn Malik accusing him of copying the look of one of her videos. She went on to call Zayn a 'curry scented bitch' among other things. Not only this, but she was sticking the boot in on some Disney child star, calling her a 'little black bitch'.

I've always liked Azealia Banks. She's so mental and fun, and I love those NY ratchet as fuck girls with their fast talking and their sexy accents. But this week she has took it to another level. She must be so bitter and jealous to have fell from the heights of releasing 212 to just becoming some irrelevant nobody. After upsetting people on Twitter she decided to take to Periscope, and put out a live feed of her responding to comments and just talking away. She went on to talk about UK rap, saying it's a disgrace to the genre and a bunch of other shit. She went back and hammered that Disney kid again. All this controversy was enough for Rinse to pull her from her headline slot at their Born and Bred festival this Summer, swiftly releasing a statement distancing themselves from her.

Mad isn't it? I wonder if she hates herself for letting her mouth stop all these amazing opportunities, or if she feels completely liberated because what lives in her mind is always out in the real world. Must be very freeing. A final blow was dealt earlier this morning when Twitter locked off her twitter account. I imagine this hurt because nobody has given her a column inch in years based off of her musical merits. She is literally just a twitter celebrity these days, so stripping her of her voice surely will hit home.

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