Friday, 20 May 2016



She's always been a dickhead hasn't she, but there is one particular strand of her personality that really grates on me. This week it's maybe been a little more apparent than usual. It's the way she parades Harvey Price around and then whinges when 'trolls' take the piss out of him. This week they've been in the entertainment news again because Harvey goes on Loose Women and says 'Hello you cunts' live on air.

So this whole discussion on Loose Women was around internet trolls taking the piss out of Harvey. Harvey isn't really in the public eye himself making for new content, his mum is solely responsible for putting him in the limelight. I can't imagine Loose Women got on the phone to him and he ran it by his Mum. Given the speed the internet and entertainment news moves at the minute, he is only ever really in the headlines for a day at a time. Everyone moves on, but his mum, wether it be Instagram-ing a photo of him with a boner, or uploading a clip of him falling on his arse and getting drowned by a wave on the seaside will always find a way to get him back between the crosshairs again.

It's really nothing new, we all know that Katie Price has always been desperate for attention, and it's almost oxymoronic the way she goes about it these days, using Harvey as her battering ram. Taking him on live TV and whinging that trolls take the piss out of Harvey is like importing a big shipment of cocaine off the boat, breaking it up and giving it out and then moaning about drug problems in the community. She is always the one providing the fuel for the fire and if you step outside of the stupid little bubble the cunts that subscribe to her dribble are trapped in, it really is plain as day.

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