Thursday, 26 May 2016


I swear I go time without doing these posts thinking that I'm not snapping pictures and then when it comes to doing them I've got 50,000 photos from the last few weeks I need to edit and recall why they're in my camera roll. So annoying haha, I'll try and do them a little more often.

Pretty remarkable stuff from this pissed bloke in town. tissue on not 1 but both of his shoes. I wonder what the odds on that are.

Is that good? I don't know who put it there. When I got those stickers done I didn't envision them being stuck in a urinal in Sophbeck. Dedication from whoever put it there though.

The whole city garn mad. This really is the best time I can remember in Leicester, I've never seen anything like it. This was outside the stadium about 3/4 hours before the Everton game. Sick atmosphere.

That day was insane. After the game finished the parties started, it was like a bank holiday or something. That night I went to see Kano shutdown Blueprint. Walking through town to the club it literally didn't look like Leicester at all. Pissed up blokes stumbling about eating burgers, shot girls outside bars trying to drag you in. Litter everywhere. It looked like a strip in Malia or Zante or something.

Have you ever ever seen McDonalds queuing out the door? This was easily the busiest night I've ever seen in Leicester. There were videos of High Street and it was wall to wall with people just partying and going mad. So much fun to be around.

Big up all the sloppers quick 5 minutes rest and them ones

That weekend I also went to play footgolf with Dan and Tom. You basically play golf with a football, kicking it around the course. It's really good fun the way it's done, like the way you have to drive and have an approach shot and so on. It's really cool. They're doing it at Humberstone Heights now, and it's a tenner for a round. I thoroughly recommend it. We lucked in, it was the hottest day. I've still got a twat tan on my arm from my sleeve.

couple mandem inside

I made some big boy pasta again. This shit kind of makes me feel gross. I'll feel the weight of this container, and consider that I'll ingest all of that food in the next couple of weeks. It weighs so much haha. This had everything in it. It just takes aaaages because I have an electric hob. I hate it. I cannot wait until I live somewhere else and I don't have to wait ages for shit to cook.

At some point I must've mentioned I work with this girl who is allergic to being alive? The main things are she is coeliac (allergic to gluten) and lactose intolerant. We all went to Slug and Lettuce to eat and she had to ask for this 'allergy book'. It was a folder with the nutritional information of everything on the menu. It was all so unclear and complicated. I feel so sorry for her having to bother with this shit every single time she needs to eat somewhere new. I think it depressed me more than it did her.

I had the most delicious Peri Peri the other night. It was so succulent and fulfilling. A true staple of my diet. I feel like this chicken sandwich here is one of my absolute favourite things to eat in the world. It reminds me of so many good times.

About a week after I had this peri I went to go again. There was a whole new team of bosses at the Peri. I didn't know any of them and none of them knew me. I ordered the same thing I do every single time, in the same way I do every time. 'A large breast burger meal, hot, with cheese and all salad'. You should have seen this guy flapping about. Told me I didn't tell him how hot it was, then he told me I didn't want it as a meal, it didn't have any salad in it. It was shambolic. I told him I've probably eaten here 2000 times, and every time I order the same thing, in the same way. I've not forgot to tell you anything. To top it off the actual food was crap. I could have cried. The one I had in the picture below was the best one I had had in so so long and now some new idiot has taken over and he doesn't know where to start. The food had no personality. Gutting.

Remember when I said I was gonna stop eating crap? The other night I had a blow out of monumental proportions. I keep wandering to Tesco and just going mad, picking up whatever I can. It's so bad, I need to stop. In other news I wish fruit juice wasn't bad for you because there are so many delicious flavours. Imagine that.

I sweat that's Little Sebastian

That's your lot for this week! I'll have more of this stuff very soon indeed. Cheers for popping by

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