Tuesday, 24 March 2009


alright everyone? how are things?
the sun has been out this week, jade goody died and liverpool are still scoring mad amounts of goals.

thursday night we joined to play poker at georges, i went out first, then jimlad, then george and john battled it out, but george won.

after, loads of us started playing this game where you all get dealt a card, but dont look at it. then you pass your card clockwise, and the person who has your card looks at it. you then take it in turns to guess your card (that is in the other persons hand) and if you guess your card you win. but if you say a card that somebody else has got in there hand then they win! it was pretty fun, we were betting crazy shit... chocolate bars, drawings of eric, pictures of jade goody, small change, chewing gum...the lot. quay joe kept murdering everyone, he was so good at this game, really suggestive with his face. john took home the big winnings though, below.

the sun fucking come out, it was wicked! there were loads of people in a really good mood, and hof was round uni way walking his dog, with aaron. the weather was so nice some of the uni crew got together and he went and sat on the grass to chill and do some homework. when you sit still, and the wind gets you, its a reminder that its not actually july...its march, and it got well cold, well quick. however, i did have this really nice bit of licorice, it was bloody beautiful.

on my way back to mine from valena's sunday morning i was a squirrel boshing some maryland chips out of the bin. YES WILDLIFE.
then, on the same journey there was this cat just full chilling on the train tracks, in the sun. another lovely day it was.
went round johns to watch liverpool spank villa 5-0. poor john, but on the good side of things for him, i took this picture, where i balanced one snake on my face (super daring) and grasped one in my lips. we had a bet on the football, that whoever looses has to buy themselves and the other person a delicious meal from maryland this friday.
we spoke about BRONSON and said when are we going to see it? and we decided tonight. we got to the new cinema in town and it was in the directors lounge, which basically meant that you could pay £3.85 for a beer to drink while you watch it and sit in slightly better chairs, like dickheads, we each shelled out £12 for a ticket. thats just to see a film. on the good side of things, they come in a nice little wallet thing.
its a good job that the film was wicked, the lead actor Tom Hardy was so captivating and watchable, and the film was interesting and proper moody. problem is you came out wanting to shave your head and grown a mustach.

now THIS IS WICKEDLANDING. you can click the picture to make it bigger, and see a clear picture of a naked lady on her knees in the blokes book. i sat behind this guy on the bus, and looked over to see he was reading, and it was something about "new thai house" in leicester. it had the adress, and hthe phone number, it spoke about payment upon entering, what its like inside, and it was a small ticklist of things that it offered. "full body massage, handjob, oral" ect ect. i was like WHAAAAAt then there was another little ticklist for sex, like positions, kinky, anal ect ect and it had who to ask for when you go! it was mad, this bloke was just reading it. when he closed the book to get off the bus, the cover said "a guide to massage parlours in the midlands".

it was so funny how brazen he was about reading it.
i was on my way upto darryls, to record some new boy kid cloud shiit. it went well, we got two new tracks down, and a bunch of ideas too. his mum made us some DEEP NICE lasagne and jacket potatoes, it was wicked. later, darryls recorder started playing up and we were having to hold the microphone jack into the port, and it was still crackling. GAAAY.
i got upto valenas and me, herself and emily sat and played on our psps, it was pretty cool! we put on dogtown and z-boys which i havent seen in ages too, so that was good. i was playing football manager, i won the league 1 title so now im in the championship, but my best player, ben arfa has a big club release clause in his contact and lazio are interested in him, its rubbish. so far so good, and ive nearly passed the transfer window. WASTEMAN OF THE WEEK - CRISS ANGEL.

this guy is one of them illusionists who is pure into his death/black arts/gothic bullshit. im going on an extremely strong recomendation from george and john, and by the looks of things they look to have hit the nail 100% on the head. too many links with industrial music for my liking, and he was actually well bad at what he does, YOU AINT BLAINE! watch some of his videos on youtube and you can almost always figure out a way that he could have done them, also the extras in his shows are such bad actors/actresses it just gives his shit away! "I AM THE MINDFREAK" no, just a freak, fuck off.
i dont know what is more waste... actually being a wasteman, or having a tattoo of a wasteman. both quite bad.

ill be back soon with some drawings, see you then (Y)

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