Saturday, 14 March 2009


WIIIIIICKEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!! been at work today, chilling out, cool day.

the other night, i tried to put a condom on my head, and it doesnt work now, i dont know if i was doing it wrong, or just that my head isnt the size of a fourteen year old any more.went dans with aaron and brad to watch the football. the balls rolling with mine and dans flat, should be in their the start of next month!this is dave at work singing the booker classics to me on thursday. im working all day thursday from now on, and my job is moving around the stuff on the shelfs to what head office want it to look like.jimlad persuaded me to play poker on thursday night, and just aswell, i fucking only went and won didnt i!? a heroic late battle from rags to riches beating off blake and john in the final, i collected my 25 pounds and chilled out man! ive hardly got any left, and ive not spent it on anything.john is still on lent, but blazzzing!ON BENS ROAD THERE IS: NO NEWShow stink is this? hof said imagine if it was dark and you walked it in, into your house. man...i had to go to the doctors to try and get rid of my death cough yesterday. i got prescribed some new inhalers and some antibiotics, but they wanted like 23 quid for it, i said BUN DAT FOR THE MINUTE, I AINT GOT THE MONEY!!!!!!!

popped round to see jims, and actually met his mental dog oscar. goldie is bare reserved. davina mccall was on red nose day, and we were all watching. kyle was having a bare phone call in tjs later. i hate getting served by people who dont speak english. he said what salad do you want mate? i said lettuce, cucumber and sweetcorn... went reeds to get a can of the coldest irn bru in braunstone, came back and the div had only gone and put sweetcorn relish in. i was like whaaaaaat! then when i was explaining that its cool, but its not what i wanted, he was like "yeah, mayo always goes best with chicken burgers." yeah boy! manchester united 1 - 4 liverpool. what you know about taking 6 points off united home and away. the last team to put four past man united at old trafford was QPR in 1992.

ben mentioned this one to me a little while back, and we were in instant agreement, the lad is a dickhead! also, he just looks like a prick. he is pure trying to be down with the kids, and young, man is 38. DICKHEAD. his show often comes into my life if amanda, the receptionist at booker is off on a saturday, and his show is just wak. he plays the shittest music, and has this drawn out fake laugh that is just so fucking annoying. gasping for air laugh, over something that is literally not funny at all. radio one presenters (apart from a choice few) are seriously a just waste species. click the video for the fake laugh and that.

thats me, playing sophbeck tonight with darryl, see you sometime in the week.

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