Wednesday, 18 March 2009


gather wickedlanders...... cometh another installment! not really alot been going off, here it is.

on the good side of things, all my shopping came to 3 pounds and 16 pence, so its austin three sixteen innit? pretty good right? i was bare more happy than you probably should be, and by the way: the cherry smoothie was smooth.

dans dog coco shagging a cushion, proper dirty and up for a laugh she is!

saturday night i did another show with darryl, it went well, but we were on at about nobody was there, it was a bit embarrasing! still had a laugh though. together we were bringing bare gold jewellery. his mum, in the style of a legend picked us up, she even dropped me off at home. wonderful. sunday after work we didnt play football, so i took alfie for a walk with my mum, he was chilling running about like a madhead, then just looking at me, really meaningfully. he is getting bigger now, i was fighting with him earlier, and he bit me on the hand and it actually hurt!

the pair of you: JUST FUCK OFF NOW

i saw this guy sat in the student union, and he is pure meant for this shit. long greasy hair? check, nintendo t-shirt? check. i bet if he put his shit in to that thing at school that tells you your career it would just be like "BE A STUDENT FOREVER!"i think it was monday night, i rented out a banzai dvd to play with valena. peep out the little yellow sticker, that means only one pound bitchhhh, and one of the best pounds ive spent in very long. it was still every bit as funny as you remember it. i got whooped 12-5. PLACE BETS NOWcharity strip in town and there is a new one; "sense". steer clear of any wasteman-combat-wearing-to-much-time-on-his-hands-div who you see approaching people, then shortly after shouting "YOU GET IT, LIKE "IT MAKES SENSE!""walking back through key earlier, and i saw joe, josh, darryl and beavil kanevil chilling, skating a little bit. it was cool, darryl was very sceptical about football manager, thinking you dont actually do anything.

by the way, i got the sack on it from leicester, and the best team i could get are wycombe wanderers. however im smashing the shit out of it, i got them promoted, and im at the top of league one. ill keep you well and truely in the know.

thats me for now, got work all day tommorow, then im gonna see if i can win again at cards tommorow night. BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG

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