Sunday, 29 March 2009


ive been doing drawings, and i keep trying to find time to get round to scanning them and sticking em on, and i keep forgetting. hopefully tommorow night ill bang em on. (it is tommorow now.) well looking forward to in a bit, football and bare man should be playing.

i found this on the way work the other day. i was tempted to see wether it was a well good asian porno, or just some bangra shit, but i couldnt be arsed with carrying it round all day. good picture in the metro at work too. friedel's penalty tackle on torres, but it looks pure like torres is drop-kicking him and friedel is like sheilding himself from it. ha ha

been working out with kyle and hof. kyle has got a new tattoo, ask to see it when you see him, safe.

in a pure mist of masculinity, we put on ultimate fighting championship 6 while we were working out. it was pretty good! it was like a knock out thing with 8 fighters and this screenshot from the final makes it look like one is sucking the others dick ha ha. we guessed who was gonna win, and me and logan (hof's brother) got it right. i did a quick youtube for some good UFC videos, and i remembered the brock lesner training one, if you aint seen it, give it a little watch.

caught you on the fade out, you bastard! ronnie o'sullivan on some pub machine at rack and roll. i remember looking at it and finding it well funny for some reason. thats right, it was panic this friday, and i got pretty fucked! so did everyone, it was good man L-R: aaron, kim, eric, beaver, blake and john. about half a second after i took this picture dwayne ran in, and it was like AH MAAAN

thats your boy innit.

i remember getting in, and hugging my dog, and taking bare pictures of him. i bet he just wanted to get to sleep.
poker on saturday night, and i went out first. not playing too well at the minute! i left half way through the match to go to valenas but john swept up so i heard.
dan was on the strongbow, and he was swearing at me too. he had to sit on the sofa, which is shit and below table level.
look at their little twat faces? why do cadburys even need to advertise anyway? they are obviously selling enough. they should have just left it at the gorilla one, and even that got old in about 14 seconds. i bet these two poor little pricks get spotted out in the shopping centre with their mums, and people who's sence of humour is GARLIC BREAD and IM A LADY whip out the camera phones like "go on.. do it, do it! do the eyebrow thing!" there was a beautiful comment on the link to the youtube video of it below, michaelg99864 is a wickedlander. when the little girl gets the balloon out, i want to feed it to her.

yeah safe. hof is here, we are going to do some drawings and that. i said to him "bring some dvds round to watch." he brought 28 weeks later, and braveheart. wow.see you later guys

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