Sunday, 8 March 2009


easy, weekender then, part of the new BREAK DOWN POSTS INITIATIVE. yeah, ive been working all weekend, was on reception, so it was pretty good. dave at work has got a new bird and he keeps talking about her loads.

saturday night jimlad phoned me and said come and play poker tonight, so i did. (he won, i was first out) and also, i did a show at sumo with darryl. i think it went alright, but there was not alot of people there! although from it, we got offered a slot at a really nice night at superfly in about a month and a half.
blake drinks BIG tea.

after sumo, we went to firefly for a couple, and then i think a few of the lads went on to sophbeck. max turned up and had so many stamps on his hands, he was on a bare night out.
football on sunday. a few of us got together to play some footy, billy is the new king of stamina because he is gyming bare. i was busy action snapping away. i think the first photo looks like are dancing in a dream heaven or something.
jamie jones actually is guile, no questions asked. LOOK WITH YOUR FUCKING EYESwe played one man cuppie (cuppy?) and aaron and dan were in the final. they were slogging it out for bare long, and aaron ended up winning with a good goal. in other sport, dan burried a peach from far out and celebrated by rocking a double peace symbol.

we chilled at dans later, them lot of silly guys were playing call of duty, and i was just on dans iphone google earthing everything. its fucking amazing, 3km from my house to work (and apparently 38 minutes, but i knock that shit out in 25 flat bitchhh)

this didnt take long at all, parcially because there was really nothing to say, but thanks for having a look. ill stick a post up midweek if possible, safe safe safe safe safe

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