Friday, 6 March 2009


get it? ive got to start doing these updates more often, its becoming one horrible weekly fun choir. where as if like bitesize, i made it into smaller chunks then it would be better! this week has been good, lots going onnnnn....

friday night and panic was back! all the lads were out, we all got so so smashed, and wrote everywhere and got kicked out and had fights, and pissed everywhere and won. look at the fucking huge queue it was crazy, so we just walked upto the front.john should have been wearing a t-shirt that says "we run panic." because we (do). shadow jimlad soldier shiit.i dont like this new shit coming up amongst our lot of going to marina. its shit, fake maryland bollocks. but in there on the way home last week we met this wicked guy who was proper funny and aggressive. he was buying loads of food, and giving the blokes far to much money and threatening to shit his pants. then he started smoking, and was asking us we had any drugs. he was wicked. seen him today on narbs i was like "YOU WERE DRUUUNK" but in my head.X35 is your average economy enegy drink, but flip that upside down and OH SHIT! YOUR DRINKING 53X!!! yeah man, on saturday after a horrible shift at work, still well well drunk we played cards at john and blakes gaf. john is on lent, so he is actually sober, its wicked. he played cards really well yesterday because he is not drunk. look at the colour in his cheeks here, life afirming isnt it? i think he is back on the drink on the 29th (something like that). you know how hard it must have been for him to not drink at panic?MAN WON, SO THE DRINKS ARE ON ME!i took my winnings to sophbeck that night, benga was djing. it was actually a wicked night, i stayed there until about 5.20, work at 8.30. with cooper and ben djing, we were all passing the mic around bare of us and this lad was well well funny. "where the ladies at? i dont know..." in a proper sad voice. wicked.sometimes, i cut out paper shapes and just stick them to the plugs at work, thats the real face. JU JU JU JUleaving work on sunday it was so nice and warm, i made my way down to riverside to play football with a extremely mature ross, aaron, billy, jr and jamie jones. we spoke about how riverside is meant to be closing down and apparently jamie jones is going to turn it into jamies fun house, and make ball pits out of tables.BROTHERS! WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!ive been fucking raping this shit recently, having a couple of cans everyday. its so nice, and it tastes like balloons that you get in party bags when your a little kid. dead rubbery but grapey aswell.OH, ITS YOUR BOY! i took alfie for a run about on the park, he was killing it, proper going for it!! he is getting proper muscley now too.well, he's not... and thats drogba anyway soo...KENYA DRIVING SCHOOL. in england, so its not like its the kenyan school of driving, or learning to drive according to the kenyan rules of the road. so all i can assume is that its driving, tought by kenyans for kenyans. THATS NOT VERY PC IS IT OR COOL? look at the kenyan. kenyan as fuck!i love looking out of the window at uni, you can see so far and the clouds look wicked!!!kyle came round to hofs the other night, and had his dinner, and something to wash it down with.
poker last night, jimlad was on the red wine!!!! yeah, articulate boyyyyyy, george won, so that was ok and he got to keep his horrible ripped up, celataped fiver that was just horrible. blake went out first, then jimlad, then dan, then john (who had bare chips at one point) i came second and george swept DEMD EM DEMDE Mwe played wanker, and whoever had the thing still on was supposed to have luck. dan won, and went out the next round. bad times.i met up with him this morning. (he is here now.) Hi < href="">not actually him, but some other lad, friend of alum chapman has the same name. brill.


cole is what you should get for christmas, you dickhead. in the news for swearing at some coppers, and then folded like a right prick saying "ah no, i would never swear at them, sorry matesss, police are safe" and that. DICKHEADDD, and he plays for chelsea, so you know... dickhead again. ALSO, and this is a biggie: litterally ruined cheryl tweedy by shaggin that other girl and just sending her mad off the rails and down the anorexic path. she was the best, now its gay, selfish prick. the embodiment of the fact that cunts get payed more than a really good annual wage in a week for doing something most lads do for fun and he isnt even likeable like dirk kuyt or shola amiobi and david bentley. just get back on the right side of wrong, stop shaggin slags behind your godess's back, and try and be more like bentner or stuart downing.

hopefully if things go to plan, ill be back midweek, ill let you know about the house im veiwing too. saaaaafe GUESTBOOK AT THE BOTTOM!!!!

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