Sunday, 21 February 2010

200 LAND

the 200th post, here we go!

starting off last wednesday, i got put on a later lunch because we were short staffed, so i walked round to tesco garage on my own. i thought it was going to be shit, because none of the other lads were on the same lunch, but when i got back, my dad was just doing a bit of shopping, so i sat in the car with him, ate chocolate mousse and spoke about Ngog.

i was making sandwhiches for me and aaron the other day and we were talking about how impractical tins and tin openers are. why not just have a ring pull? if your tin opener is blunt (like mine) your fucked, and you just end up making a mess. or if you slightly chew up the metal on the way around,y our fucked again. i was really pissed off at this.

shite weather started again on thursday. its really been crap this winter innit?

been making tunes with aaron too, so keep your eyes open for them, DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE

i feel like a just want to say "give up." it must be like the anniversary or something. i dont know what makes them think that she is still alive.

speaking of a pair of posh twats, on the train to sheffield i saw this pair. the woman was reading a digital book on here tablet, and the bloke was thumbing through a wine magazine circling off bottles that he was going to buy. when i sat down opposite them, they kept staring at me.

they were going "its him... sam, from wickedland. i cant believe it."

went to a bassline/niche night in sheffield with jamie, we were there for one reason and one reason only. it was so so packed with muscles, weaves, tight tops, slick-back hair and gold earings. metal detector on the door kind of thing.

we didnt even mean to be, but out of nowhere, we were fucked.

he was there, he done lyrical gears and was only on for about 5 minutes. tore the fucking roof off, when he dropped "OUU OUU, DIR TEE TEE, ITS MWEE MWEE" everyone just went fucking craaaaaazy for it.

look at how happy everyone was getting. i cant explain how mad everyone went.

BANG. thats the money. thats what you want. incase its not clear he is the guy who has been my phone wallpaper. look at our stupid little faces, literally cannot believe how good this moment was.

this. thiiiis. happy 200th post. this was i think one of the best moments of my life. i explained wickedland to him and asked him for the ident and he was well safe, and just threw it up, no bother. if anybody knows me, and what im about, they will get how fucking great this is to me. my favourite person walking the earth right now, bumping my shet. BOOOOOOOOMM

buzzed out of my head i went to bed and found loads of snow in the morning. i think this was litterally the deepest yet this winter, it was like a foot.

cruised into town with jamie to link sam for a subway.

beard is going on sick, what a hippie.

he was showing us more of his hungry Caterpillar tattoo. it covers his leg now.

my fucking train back had been cancelled, so fucking long, fuck trains. i bought tickets and never went through one barrier or got them checked once, thats on 3 trains and in 2 stations. fucking joke. it was cool though, just chilled with sam in the station, spoke about hip hop, moving to brooklyn, getting money up, and baby food.

so thats it, literally one of the best nights ever. how often is it you meet the one person on the earth that out of everyone is the best, most godliest idle? not very, but i did!!!!!!!
REAL LIFE, NO LIES, good innit soon, cheers for looking.

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