Monday, 22 February 2010



start off with some science, i saw this and thought it was cool.

found this on google image search too. deffinately not drogba at deffiantely not chelsea. turns out that its Exodus Geohaghon for peterborough united.


ive been on this shit recently. incase anybody didnt know, you go on it with your webcam (and microphone) ready, anything from 30,000 to 50,00 people on it at any one time, and you randomly just get put with someone else with a webcam. if they dont like you, they can just click 'next' and move on, or if you dont like them, the same. some highlights of one nights worth.

dead? you know when a webcam is on, but the image is still and you can see the odd pixel moving about? thats what was happening here, i think the note in the background says "im alone!" or "im done!", but this looked pretty real.

Drake - Say Whats Real .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

been listening to alot of drake recently, some of it is a bit shit, but some of it is really good. i like this track produced by kanye west from 'so far gone'.


this kyle in the kitchen at Ricky's flat back in the day with ham on his face. ricky made a small car form cheese that day.

saw this at the cinema recently too, its so funny about half way through when they are like "hey guys, we want our sand back... and the pepsi" that twat frank lampard's acting isnt up to par too.


fuck him. one of the most over rated people around. old timbaland and magoo still is cool, but then listen too him songs now. every single one rockets to the top of the charts, but sides of the pond, and they all sound the fucking same. maybe he has had like 2 hot songs in the last 3 or 4 years? and even still, its the vocals that make his songs anywhere near listenable. fuck him, big twat, they way he dances too, oh my god, the stupid fucking faces he pulls. what a twat, fuck off.


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