Friday, 5 February 2010


wow. its been an eventful week and as a result of that i cant put the pictures from my phone onto my computer until later tonight, ill explain why later!

ive been looking at a couple of alternative posters for inglorious basterds. i had remembered who they were by, but now i cant remember. i think they were both submitted, but never used.

i reeeeeeeally like this bottom one.

valena drew this picture of me a while back, i really like it so i thought i would stick it on here. i look proper gormy in it. you can see some more bits and bobs by valena here.

sport is brilliant innit? couple that with japanese television and men in black bodysuits and your onto a winner i reckon.

i watched this the other day and i cant work out if it is real or not. i dont quite know the rules of table tennis to tell wether it is, but it looks like a proper match.


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