Saturday, 6 February 2010



another week has passed in my life. im not doing nearly as much uni work as i should be, but other activities are popping off so thats all good. there is nothing like starting a post with a picture of a dead animal.

saw these funny pictures of andy murray in the paper because he was doing well at the tennis or something. lost in the final to the guy who wins everything i understand. i love pictures of sportsmen shouting. look funny.

made this little elephant for book making class. the brief was something like "destroy a book and make something new". an elephant never forgets its a book, so the joke is on my teacher.

BARONS BACK!!!! thats what you get when aaron is a bit drunk. i had my new microphone out, and aaron started freestyling them smooth lyrics, pissed out his head, me and billy were in stitches. he says he is gonna record something with me, so that would be cool innit.

had a wicked man game of football on sunday, alot of people turned up, we had 9 players each, and as two more lads came we let the other team have them so they had 11. it was pretty closely fought, but they won in the end 10-8. wicked match though.

not in the photo.

i hate inflation. remember the days when grabbing these for 25p was a standard thing? now this is meant to be a bargain. your having a fucking laugh, fuck off, they aint even that good anymore anyway. SAVE SAVE SAVE? NO! NO! NO!

fashion is open and doing good business!!! billy told me he got a well good meal deal from there the other day when everything was half price.


saw a really good name for a driving school. shit photo, but it says "just drove passed" (as in just drove past) but the "just" and "drove" are in a different colour to the "passed", so you say it like "just drove; passed" good innit? i love that sort of stuff man.

i was thinking at work, bounty plain has got to be the shittest chocolate bar ever. not even dark chocolate, but plain. bounty is fucking rubbish outdated shite anyway, why release a worse version? when they are pulling stuff like wispa gold because it is that fucking good that it might just finish all other chocolate and stand there laughing, but this shit is staying available, the world is seeming more and more like a fucking joke.

bad times. i got the internet at the flat and ruined my life. downloaded a virus, and fucked myself up. long story short, a couple of days later, after a few unsuccessful attempts at getting rid of it, im on the phone to a tech guy, and its system reboot time. most of my stuff was backed up on my external hard drive, but i lost some important shit.
more or less the only thing left on my hard drive was my beats. the programme that i use to produce beats uses little sound clips (of say a snare drum, or a bassline wobble) and i lost thousands of these, and all the programme files of every beat i have ever made. i was fucking gutted, no way of getting that shit back, i literally lost so much time and effort.
ive just about got over it now, but still wounded.

although on a brighter note did have a wickedman royal chicken with valena. i got a little pizza. 9" with 3 toppings for £1.50. DATS ROYAL ROOOD BOOOOIII

dan has got that $NE$ money in his room, so ill just walk by on the way to the living room and catch him jamming before work on super mario bros. (maur-rio).

not sure if he has been wasteman before, but fuck it, because he has now got a beard, he is a different person. why? because i really dont find him funny, political, trying to be offensive but just getting it wrong wasteman. its like he embodies every stereo type about scotland. every reason why the english hate scots. fucking dickhead, i get bored of his wank drab accent and acting like he hates everything, fuck off and die in a hole you fucking wasteman priiiiiiick.

thats me for a bit, ill post up some drawings soon i reckon. coolsafeokbyebless1g

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