Tuesday, 16 February 2010


yo yo yo yo yo yo. so i said i would be back yesterday, we pick off back on my birthday. went for a meals with valena and my family at terracotta. because i was my birthday the bloke who owns it gave me a free drink. and then after my meal this women who worked there brought me over a nice slice of chocolate cake and a big shot of sambukaaaaaa!


seen this in the toilets and i thought what kind of company would want to see the real employee? surely, they are employing them for work, so they want to see a worker. and the mixture of all these people looks like that guy who plays wolverine.

it was good, i was sweaty.

DJ maximum.
we spoke to him for tiiiime. he was bare safe, and me and jamie were asking him loads of things about the grime scene. he was cool, and he is djing for tempa t and d double e next week in sheffield, so careful we dont get backstage and fuck the whole thing up.

Dj logan sama

Big Fris

Shortee smalls, actually the safest most drunk guy in the world.




Donatella. ha ha ha.

yeah, so we met all the guys, got into the VIP and skepta was asking me and jamie how we got in, and we told him to quiz us. he did, we got his questions right and he was like "yeah, you man are dans, still". its been ringing in my head ever since.
spoke to jammer for time about grime, says his favourite emcee is d double too, and that he is making a are you dumb volume 5. also, he sid that p money and ghetto have not officially clashed yet.

next day i walked alfie with rose on the park. they have built this massive gym on there, its fucking cool man. loads of upper body shit where you lift yourself and that.

alfie can run so fast these days.

had a pure twat bus driver, i needed to go to that Raleigh shop on the mad mile. i asked the bus driver to go as close to the mad mile as possible, and told him that i think it was turnbull drive. he was like "where? whats the mad mile?" with a proper attitude. so when i said, you know, on the way upto asda, the long road from the jaguar showroom to fosse park, he was saying "well, its really called the mad mile is it. anyway, i dont go on it, so its nonsense."
prricccccck. when did people stop being qualified to do there jobs? when did taxi drivers start asking you for fucking directions? remember the days when if you were a taxi driver, it generally meant you know the roads? not just you have a car and want money for driving people around? same as bus drivers. if you dont know your way around, fuck off and stop driving people places.

SATURDAY NIGHT - EMMA'S & BEAVERS (and i like to think kind of my) BIRTHDAY PARTY

standard blake bottle of jack daniels.

in this photo dan blinked as it was being taken, hence the demon see through eyelids. good innit?

everything in the bathroom on the shelf's was really miniature.

jr and george made a fantastic tag team.

i was steaming. my auntie got me a bottle of 2007 vintage champagne for my birthday, so i took that out to the party. i heard everyone say that the bubbles get you really fucked, and its true. i didnt have a lot, but the champers doubled with not eating since the morning fucked me up stink.
dan and bradley turned up sobre, and it didnt take long for bradley to get fucked. everyone was really pissed, jr and bradley were well well funny.


shiiiiiit darts. phil taylor? is that his name? we were throwing them at each others hands, it was good fun. check out the video below. you cant really see, but the one that i threw at blake was right next to his wrist. jr (pictured) fucking killed it.

monkey bonham was there, i aint seen him in tiiiime. he was on a designated driver ting, so he was sobre.

maryland later. everyone went onto sophdogs but me and jamie just got that maryland money. just as we got our food, went to sit down and eat it, and the guy told us there was no eating inside. we begged just our burgers, then we would hcip, but he was like, no, because it was 4.30, thats it, you have to go home. we went to stay and these two polish bouncers who were ordering there food turned round and told us to leave. jamie stood up and said to the bouncer "i have no respect for you, i dont respect you. im leaving because he (the maryland worker) told me to." the polish guy didnt understand, said thankyou, and we left.
played a game that you went allowed to eat until we got back to mine, about a 10 minute walk. shit tasted so so so good when we got home.
below is a video of a few good little clips. check it out.
the next day, kyle ate 16 bags of crisps. i told him he would turn into a crisp.

been to the showcase cinema in town? there is a little advert they play before every film that is like a thing for there little movie club thing. whatever. it has this wicked african guy on it who points at you.
we went to see valentines day, and it got sold out whilst we were queueing up. instead we went to see 'into the darkness' or something. it was fucking shit, i kept falling asleep. everytime i woke up, it was just mel gibson talking to people or shooting someone. booooring. what happened to being able to hear everything women think about? far better.
we also went for a meal at la tasca, a tapas restaurant on granby street. it was lovely, set menu, but the food and service was really really nice. the two like mains were seafood paella and meatballs in tomato sauce.

went football again last night. lost again last night. 4 -0. dan played, and we had a new lad playing in goal called mehul who played really well. on the way up there dan was showing me his new iphone. bradleys old ipod and his poo nokia. not long left now ay.

i fucking love it that this prick is getting killed in the media. fuck him. its about time. TEXT TEXT TEXT TEXT.

i love going asda, i really do. its so so good innit? thinking about what food you are going to cook for the next however long.
i enjoy looking at the products too. how carried has rocky's packaging got? they are very average, and for them to have this packaging would trick a mum into thinking they are the best thing, and getting them. its a bit daring for such an average product.


also, on the way home i saw a guy with awful shoes. they were guess. but like strange bowling shoes. ive tried looking for a better picture on the internet, but i cant find anything. they just had massive silver bits on and were dead strange.

thats all. on my camera, i have been compiling photos for a while, and i might put on like a few good ones tommorow. also, my mouse broke today.

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