Thursday, 11 February 2010


im 21 today, so get a male stripper and celebrate.

so last week it was blakes birthday. we went out to brighton beach. i found it really embarrassing. its like a fucking dress up game thing, where do all these pretentious twats pop up from? its not the 60's or 70's and you werent around then. all these mod twats jiving away to "my generation" by the who like that scene in quadrophenia. honestly? where do they fucking come from? skin tight jeans with there winkle pickers and some jacket thats so so small for them, fuck off and die slow.
in this photo blake is pissing.

for some reason i got chips and i really didnt want them. it was cool though, hof stayed at mine because he lives too far away.

the next day i felt fucking horrible. football was off so i went round to aarons to watch arsenal get beat 2-0 by chelsea with him, kim and jr. it was a pretty good match, good fun to watch. kim fancies frank lampard, me and aaron were taking the piss out of his shit voice.

natalie was in hospital too. kidneys stones. sat there, it was so so so fucking hot, and everyone looked rank, i felt horrible there, far to hot and clammy. the nurse was a twat too. my mum lent on the button that calls a nurse. when the nurse come my sister said sorry and she said "your not really sorry though are you?" it was so weird.

on monday at uni the teacher of my book making class brought this woman with her who brought some old books in for us to look at. this top one was presented to a woman who worked at the hospital all her life when she left. it was all hand written and illustrated. craaaazy good shit.

this was was a 500 years old bible in latin.
the woman was really strange, the kind of weird introverted Cristian that you come across far too often for how the world operates these days. she was really passionate about them. at the end people were asking questions and i wondered if she was well into old books, them thought 'yeah, im going to become a librarian' or if she was a librarian then got really into old books.
i was gonna ask but its not really about the books as much about her.

started with the lads at work in a 6-a-side league in enderby. got pasted 6-0. the team we played were really good and they had alot of players, so kept rolling subs. we only had 7 of us because on the posters it said 5-a-side. its bad, but the other results in our league were 7-1 and 8-0.
whatever its good man. in a shock to the footballing world, booker boys f.c signed football on sunday fc's daniel curtis on monday evening with a record figure of £0. curtis is expected to start to the booker boys next week.

jr came over tuesday night and we watched the 100 greatest ufc fights ever. it was brilliant. we just chilled and got through it. it lasted about 4 hours, and was so packed with cool shit.

as i walk to work on wednesday mornings i seen this lad wearing make up and a massive leather coat. i just wanted to tell him that he is ruining the golden years of his life. tell him that he will grow out of it in about a year and fell the brunt of lost time. but im not god, and im sure he thinks he knows better ay.

good news though, went for a little jolly with ash in van delivering at work. it was fucking cool man, i love that shit. roll around in the van, pull upto a shop, unload some stuff, get back in the van, buy some cheap lucozades from a garage. normal. it was a real good day.

ohhhhhhhhh. top twat vernon kay is in trouble. apparently he has been feeding his lanky cock to 5 woman other than tess the twat daily. gutted on both of there accounts. vernon has kids, and he was even thinking about them and tess must be shattered. fuck vernon, still probably my worst wasteman, i fucking hate him so much, loud twat.

even if your not going to bother putting any effort into making a sign, at least try and spell the name of the product you are promoting correctly. its right next to you, just copy the letters from the box.

dan smashed his iphone a little while ago and finally sent it off for repair. they sent him this nokia as a replacement for 10 days and he is pissed off because he has to pay 50 pounds deposit for that shit. i told max and max said dan has been sorted out. max got a little brown piece of shit that he didnt even know could exist.
he says it looked like when they first thought of making mobile phones, they came up with this and said "...right, ok. lets keep at this."

went over to max's to watch liverpool loose to arsenal in one of the most boring games ive watched in ages.

we ordered mexican food and it wasnt as good as i hoped it would be, and max didnt give me a fork. he eats like a fucking car crash.


this morning, for a little birthday treat dan got me a nice fry up from cafetwoten. it was fucking wicked, cheers mate. before that, hof came to pick me up from valena's with vinny. vinny drives in such a fun way.

thats all for now. boy better know and logan sama at liquid tonight, so that should be good. im going to do a good innit in the week. safe for reading, thankyou.

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