Tuesday, 17 May 2011


yo blogdogs! thats a cool word isnt it? as soon as it left my fingers i knew it felt right. its all mad here, got my final hand in on friday at uni, and then im money. in we go.

i had a lovely mexican with valena one night last week. its from some takeaway on hinckley road called amigos, i had something different to what i normally have and well enjoyed it.

the big whsmiths in town is like a library. i can imagine a lot of people go in there around lunch time to browse magazines and kill off the rest of their lunch hour.

the subway on narborough road now has a little seating bit outside it. im so into this. imagine it in the summer? some europe shit. i think cafe culture is definitely coming over here. it kind of fucks up the window-wifi-guys privacy too.

i have been eating a whole bunch of milka too recently. its really nice chocolate. this is astonishing: from when i woke up yesterday to when i went to sleep i didn't have any fast food, sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks. all i had was one lucozade lite (less than 50 calories) while i played football. anybody who really knows me will know how mental that is.

me and valena have been nailing 'bored to death' this week too. for those who dont know, it is a HBO comedy with jason shwartzman and ted dansen. its really good, we are on the second season.

i made a badboy little chair for a modernist dolls house out of a shot glass. it was structurally sound too, it just needed a bit of glue to hold the two bits together.

jimlad came over the other day and brought me a double cheeseburger from mcdonalds. he was in town, and when he rang me to tell me he was coming over i asked him to get me one, and he told me he was on the other side of town, so he couldn't. it was the most delightful surprise ever. we sat watching this stuff for ages:

i went with kyle and hof to see jehst at the music cafe. ant, who does the kontakt nights, the reggae nights at the auditorium and a bunch of other stuff now runs it, so there should be some good stuff on.

this was the best blur my camera on my temporary phone could pick up. gangster phil and frank eventually shown up and there were loads of heads there, it was a good night all in all. jehst performed some bangers.

speaking of bangers, (nice link innit?) keiran had heinz spaghetti and sausages on toast for lunch the other day. we never, ever get to have lunch together, so it was a real wicked treat. we read the paper together and spoke about the heavy subjects.

this was a highlight in the paper.

this bit that has come off the boiler at my mum and dads house looks like a really detailed spaceship model. like some star wars bullshit. i wanted to nick it and put it on ebay.

mc rio ferdiand was rapping on match of the day. '19 titles, beating our rivals, my top lip sticks out, im a twitter twat'

at the weekend, the lads at work nail a selection of yazoo milkshakes, rustlers burgers, micro chips, chicago town microwave pizzas and all that kind of stuff. this is how full the bin gets.

studies have shown that due to poor diet and excess our generation is set to be the first generation on record to die younger than our parents. we at booker are doing our bit.

this lad has bigger problems. not only is he a wobbly little fat bastard already by the age of 6, but he is magnetic. fuck that shit.

we had to paint our boards for the degree show that is coming up. it was actually quiet a good laugh. we had these massive tubs of paint and with the lids off they looked unreal. after a bit of thinking about it i dipped my hand fully in one, and it was one of the most sensational feelings i have ever felt. every single little tiny bit of my hand was kind of cold, and firmly pressed against with the weight of the paint.

mikesh has got a new car. check out this shot of him speeding off at the lights, vrrooooom

DAN IS BACK TOO! in case you dont know, he has been away in new zealand and australia with his girlfriend for the last 7 months. it was cool seeing him, we knocked around together on monday, he came mine, popped with me to my mum and dads and then played football for our monday night team.

we beat these guys 5-0, with 5 different people scoring. dan scored the first goal, pure welcome home shit, and i scored my first ever for the team!

valena is more about stretching out a haribo snake pure long. this was only about 2/3rds of the snake too, so imagine what she could do with a full one. #faceblurredoutbyrequest

thats it then! ill do my best to post in the week, but i cant promise a lot, just because uni is mad. thankyou for reading, and if you dont already, then like the facebook page by clicking here

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