Thursday, 26 May 2011


so i always use a sony ericson phone, mainly for the camera quality for blogging. as those of you who own/did own a sony ericson before real phones got invented know, it automatically saves random pictures to a different part of the phone than the regular camera pictures.

Ive collated an eclectic mix of different pictures here, via bluetooth or picture messaging, and i was looking through them the other day and thought that i really should blog them!

valena sent me this. this is from london. they had mad snow before we had it in leicester earlier this year.

this is jamies standard healthy lunch more or less every weekday. he described himself as 'the picture of health' in the week.

max sent me this asking for my advice on which laces to wear in his shoes on a night out. i said the white by the way.

i think jimlad sent me this. this was the night we went to see david rodigan shortly after the auditorium opening. alcohol consumption.

i dont know who sent me this but i like it. looool

jamie sent me this. a number plate suspiciously close to saying 'nonce'.

max sent me the little fat boy from 'up.' i haven't seen it but a load of people told me there is a scene in it where he is talking to the old man about wicked-land blog.

special mention must go to ben melbourne for also sending me a picture of this.

this is a screenshot of the journalist 2, a nigerian film. the acting is sub sub-par.

jamie sent me this picture of a guy blowing leaves, we spoke about him on a podcast below. literally pointless.

natalie sent me this, a german athlete with a funny name competing in the winter olympics.

here is a picture of a massive snow man natalie and rose made. the main body was taller than them, and the eyes were potatoes. it took literally months to fully melt away.

this is my dog with his big nice-bit-of-bacon tongue.

kyle sent me this. its from one of those tea towels where you all draw a little picture of yourself. i know what you're thinking; 'where has such a rare, antique self portrait of me been found recently?' well in kyles aunties kitchen. me and her son were in the same year.

7 years old, and its so lifelike and realistic innit? mental.

aaron sent me this after he blundered and fell into his fish tank. good job he always wears his swimming goggle thing!!

cheers for looking anyway, ill post some more tomorrow!

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