Tuesday, 24 May 2011


yooooooo! its been a good week, got all my uni shit handed in, so I'm into summer now.

i popped round to see daz and got me him and peri a can of pop each. pure lucky dip, but i ended up with the one i wanted, a really zesty lemonade made by barrs. it was so nice and cold!

i had to go to staples a couple times last week to get stuff printed. its fucking mental if you have never been. an emporium of stationary. i didnt dare look around because i convince myself i need everything when looking at stationary. could have spent so so much.

you know millions? well there are millions chocolate bars now. these were in the overpriced spar in the SU and with my lunch already coming to around £6, i just left them. ill get one though.

real gangster shit with a tea towel whilst watching the apprentice.

i had another burger king too. ive put some episodes of the first season of pokemon onto my ipod, its fucking baaaad. up to like the 9th episode, he has two badges and is just leaving cerulean city. its really good fun! point is i was watching it while i ate my burger king on my todd. made it very enjoyable.

this was one of those models where all the planet orbit each other and rotate as they do, using loads of cogs and shit. it was in the window of a jewellers on narborough road, gold plated and it cost £129. i think that's not a bad price if you have like a well nice office or something. it would be good to have in there.

so in other news i finished uni. when i handed in all my work, i got my sheet signed off (like a reciept of your hand in) and in that single moment i went from being a student to being out in the world. its mental, i kept thinking about it. all my life, as long as i can remember i have always been in school. in education. and on that day, that friday, 17 years of it ended in a split second. it was the last ever ever day of school, i will never have "school on monday" ever again.

a load of the uni lot went to soar point to have a drink and celebrate. every time i eat there, i remember why i never eat there. look at this shit? i need at least twice as much mash potato than that, fuck it, ill pay a pound extra. i had to be so sparing with it.

valena got macaroni cheese, and it was so wet and drippy, like a bowl of yellow custard, with a congealed orange slime around the edge of the bowl and some pasta floating in it. it was cold too. and had some cellophane in it.

there are blue skittles for a bit in regular packs. they are a wicked flavour, they go from raspberry, to cola to vanilla in the space of a few chews. really good shit.

i got a tip from Andy about a horse that was meant to be a dead cert. he was hyping, saying his dads mate who trains horses was bigging up two horses that day, and the first one had already ran and won by miles. so i went to the bookies, and put £100 on.

it came in about 5th. one of the single most deflating moments of my life. it was only a 5 furlong race, (the horse equivalent of a 100 metre sprint) so the fun was over very very quickly. as i left, i turned to the woman who served me to ask her to buzz the door open, and she gave me a sad smile and avoided eye contact.

this was such a telling sign of her job. i wouldn't normally have put the bet on, i just did for a laugh, and could stand to loose the money. she must deal with so many drips dumping their rent money every single day, and is used to giving people that reaction when they loose.

i saw these two lads carrying this goal over to the park. dedication.

kyle was pulling faces in the pub saturday night. some great, old nostalgia ones.

i saw these two blokes, fully dressed normally except for the wasteman glasses. often, if i see someone wearing some funny shit like this, and need to get a good photo, i will approach them and just make up some bullshit about it being for a course.

for example, to these guys i was doing a degree in fashion, and my final major project was on glasses. i asked them for a photo for my research. they obliged, i took the picture, then as i was leaving the bloke on the left said "and good luck with the degree mate" and shook my hand. its in these moments i feel like a bad person.

still, why the fuck are they wearing those fucking stupid glasses with no lenses?

remember i mentioned last week about all the work lads nailing microwave snacks in the canteen after shifts? jason got the rustlers in for everyone. he came through singing 'im a rust-le-er, im a, im a, rust-le-er homie.'

there was a shop selling these busted peaches on narborough road. also, it was so hot and they had lettuces out on display stewing in the sun. serious, what the fuck?

ben got the new levi roots caribbean crush soda. here is a reaction video:

me, dave and ben went to soar point to watch the relegation day matches and chill. we were sat in a lovely spot, on the sofas with the sun on us. i had apple and mango juice, because we were boozing last night. it was really nice. the football was dead entertaining to watch too. loads of mental shit happened.

that night, me and valena went around nat's for some dinner with her, my sister rose and her boyfriend byron.

nat was doing fajitas and had these big mental wraps.


she also made a baked cheesecake, served it still warm with this mental homemade jam, with loads of fucking berries in it. it was delicious. at this point in time, Ive just remembered she gave me 3 slices in a chinese tub to take home and they are in my fridge! yes!

went back into the process of writing and recording new material for a project me and darryl are working on yesterday. its going to be fun, cant wait to start putting stuff out from it and performing live. keep an eye peeled!

anyway, cheers for reading, hope you have enjoyed wicked-landing. im going to draw a new comic strip i thought of yesterday this week, so ill post it up when its done. itedencoolsafebye

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