Tuesday, 10 May 2011


yoooooooooooo. im mental busy doing uni work at the minute, thats why ive been slacking on the posts. ill get super busy on here in a couple of weeks, but i just need to knuckle down for a bit.

saying that, i did my best to fill last week doing as much as i could that wasn't uni work. i went to see insidious with valena. in case you have not seen it yet, seriously, don't bother.

fucking five stars. fuck that bullshit. it means nothing anymore does it? the trick is to look who the five stars are coming from. pulp fiction is a five star movie. the shawshank redemption is a five star movie. maybe in the grand scheme of things, this is a 2 star movie. it was boring and played out, with stupid inconceivable situations. i fucking hate watching films with ghosts and zombies and bullshit that doesn't happen in real peoples brains. i felt so cheated after i came out of seeing this because i had heard good things.

this punk guy on the bus had a ganja leaf tatted onto the back of his head. brilliant.

in asda there was a gift card for farmville. i would love to know how many of these they shift. i would be so pissed if someone got me that shit.

i bought a kyle platts fanzine and it arrived. he studies in london with sam taylor, and is from leicester. he was a cool blog you can check out here. its really really good and he has a wicked style.

my picnic was about as thick as my finger. 62p. its so so small these days :(

i cooked some brown rice, grilled vegetables and jerked chicken dish the other day. it was very nice if i say so myself.

we all went for a lovely meal friday night at franks restaurant. its l'aperitif on highfield street, just off london road. on friday nights they do a karaoke and tapas set menu thing. the tapas was reeeeeeeal good, with like tortilla, meatballs, chicken in garlic sauce, salads, lasagne, paella and loads of other stuff.

george and vanessa opened up the karaoke doing 'regulate' by nate dogg and warren g. as the night wore on george proved to be a dab hand on the karaoke. he did 'love is the drug' by roxy music, and all the girls went mental.

we all sang 'livin' on a prayer' by bon jovi. it was good good fun.

top prize goes to frank though who did 'you give love a bad name' with a tea towel around his head, chefing whites open to reveal his hairy chest, and a mop for a guitar solo. it was a wicked night and i strongly recommend you go to his restaurant, not just because it's my friends place but because it was wicked.

they have started to move the shelves around in work now. its really mental. we have been giving these maps of how its going to look too.

sasi called in sick with 'body pains', as apposed to the kind of pains you feel outside of your body using the nerve endings that are in your body.

this photo was in this months vice. pretty horrible innit.

this bright rank photo does not do it justice but my sister made these burgers and they were super good. halfway through eating mine i started having the most violent sneezing fit, pure eyes watering too.

so after a couple of minutes of this i felt something lodged high in my nostril, held the other one and blew hard into a tissue. a piece of burger about the size of a skittle shot out. between my bottom teeth and just below my eyes my skull is just empty. anything goes.

we went to see Ndubz at the O2 arena on saturday.

this woman was wearing a casino hoodie. she was about 40.

this made me looooool. don't encourage it. i always feel rude looking at them and staring.

im still using my replacement phone (bought a new one today yaaaaaaa) so the photos on my phone were shit. turned into a bit of a mad night, met billy who is on leave, and some of the other lads after the gig. i had my camera on me, so ill do a post tomorrow with the best photos from the night.

a load of us went to georges to watch hernandes crack a mexican shit on chelsea's title hopes.

after playing football we saw a dead baby squirrel. below is a close up. run up a tree now, you fancy rat.

then on to KFC for dinner. i don't think ive enjoyed one this much before ever. they have sorted out their chips, and i spent about 6 quid and ate like a champ.

one thing i will say though is that there side things you can get are a bit of a joke. in mcdonalds you just want every side, but at kfc they are all tiny, like the bbq cheesy roller, seen here. i paid a pound for a shot glass size container of baked beans.

some of my shoes come the other day. i bought a load of pairs the other night. i was pissed off though, still not received a pair that i ordered from 'size?' even though i had a paypal payment transaction confirmation email. rang them today, they said that something went wrong so they refunded me the payment. i checked the site and now the shoes (that were a fucking snip in a sale) are sold out. i was gutted :(

they lobotomised a load of trees on winchester avenue. some have been left with just the tops of the leaves, some are all off, other have been left completely alone. odd innit?

thanks for reading, ive been doing some more drawing, so ill put some up soon enough, and the photos from the other night tomorrow. cheers!

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