Wednesday, 4 May 2011


easy, sorry its been so long, uni is getting really mental now with my final hand in just around the corner.

a few of us went for a bank holiday monday fry up at twoten. this girl who works there now has a really sulky bad attitude. i always have no eggs, no tomatoes and an extra sausage, and never used to get charged for it. this bitch charges me.

john was with us too, but i couldn't fit him in the picture so i took a whole completely separate one.

did i mention i bought a new phone? i broke my old one, so i just got the same handset again because i really like the camera. anyway, i need to send this one back because it does loads of fucked up shit. sometimes, when i open the lens cover, this is what the photographs come out like. mental and trippy and shit.

went for a peri peri with max and bradley. it was really nice, we all agreed it was without doubt one of the best ones we had ever had.

this bloke was walking with crutches, but not really using them. like he would not put any weight on them and was flapping them around all over the place.

the following day i went up to fosse park with max to go to the pizza hut buffet. i love that shit, so good. i was thinking the other day one day i wanna go there and just have salad and pasta, no pizza.

we were discussing some bullshit saying it would be good if that weird little bit past fosse park where there is a couple of restaurants and that was considered international airspace, so you had to pay in euros.

i put a slice of pizza in a little bag so it looked horrible. make of it what you will, dont hate.

i spent nearly all of last week working on my illustrations for the greedy fish book. very nearly finished it now.

i met dave for a couple of drinks and a chin wag. it was wicked, went for a burger king first. I'm really starting to get into burger king now.

and so are these guys. i honestly didn't know that was going to happen as i typed that. i forgot about this photo. hahaha

max always has something really witty and cutting to say about my chin and its rolls. the thing is, max is equally as morbidly obese except he hides his fat around his head. this is what he should look like.

i practiced some faces with squance.

'no, fuck you. fuck you. fuck off, leave me alone.'


david brent (the brentmeister general) was having a lager in firebug.

i love women. 'be on your guard at all times now.' this was texted into the metro. i understand she had a valid point, but what a brilliantly serious way of writing about it.

i watched a bit of the royal wedding from my room, doing uni work. #dontwatch the longjohns.

i think these are new, or at least i have never seen them before. i got one, nearly pulled my teeth out, not in a good way, and it was really really sour. didn't enjoy it at all. back to the drawing board, tango.

my sister has done this above her bed. looks pretty good doesn't it? must have took ages.

i popped round to see her and she had been away to the seaside. she got me these cocktails glasses... glasses. pretty cool right?!

we ordered papa johns pizza. some mental shit, extra toppings, XXL, half and half. real ballin' shit. it was fucking delicious.

hof is now a fully fledged booker boy. he is working in the week. in his own words he said he 'would put up his blood for the blue and orange.'

speaking of booker, jake popped in to say hello to everyone. jake used to work at booker until he left about 2 months ago. he does some of the most stupid shit i have ever known, and was really good fun to work with.

peter cech dressed up as a bottle of mountain dew to play football. loooooooool

i went round blakes to play poker with some of the lads saturday night. pretty good fun, came 2nd, but just got battered by jamie heads up.

we are 'going orange' at work which means we are having a massive re-fit and loads of stuff is changing and getting painted and whatever. during this period i will be a 'store buddy', helping customers find stock that has been moved due to the re-fit.

in the little room where all the painters and decorators are storing the stuff they have this really accurate drawing of the warehouse with all the shelves and isles marked on. it was fascinating, i love shit like this. i was looking at it for time.

we had a lecture yesterday about the final run, and prepping for the degree show. this woman came in to give us ladder training, and stressed how dangerous ladders were by flashing two clippings from the times and the mercury about D.I.Y disasters. nobody gave a shit. talk about taking your job way to seriously. she made loads of mistakes too, like when she picked something up she didn't bend her knees. rule fucking one.

me and john have got an animal corner in the flat, and natalie got us 4 new editions from some charity shop while she was away at the seaside. its starting to look really mental now. we are gonna open our flat up as a tourist attraction soon. john can take your photo with the animals and ill print them off from my room. make a little extra cash.

I'm gonna set the type to my story about the greedy fish today, so ill post that up tomorrow.

oh and one last thing i just remembered! i found a section on the blogger desktop where you can view a bunch of stats about your page. the recent rocket in views has been from a post i did a month or so back with a picture of a hyena in. the top searches that have brought up my blog are all hyena related searches, and if you google image search hyena, a picture from my blog comes up and links you to the post. so thats why the numbers have been going mad ha ha.

thanks for reading anyway, and if you haven't already, 'like' the blog on facebook in the top right corner of the page!

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