Thursday, 26 May 2011


i dont know if you saw last night, but i posted a bunch of pictures from a separate folder on my phone, that were a variety of collected pictures, from bluebooths, picture messages and screen shots of videos. here are the remaining half.

milli from uni sent me this, its the cover of a dvd they had in video box, around the time of bird flu being the big thing that was meant to kill us.

i dont know who sent me this, i think it might have been rose.

after the big barbecue at mine we had earlier on in the year, me and jamie had some leftovers the following evening. jamie had 3 dairylea slices on one burger.

this was jr slugging billy during their UFC fight on the park in the summer. you can watch it in full on the wicked-land youtube channel.

eboue boys on the piss in republic. taken on bens phone.

me and sasi had a little barbecue on riverside field this time ages ago. it was good. sasi didn't know about little disposable barbecues and when i posed it to him at work earlier that day he thought i meant taking a massive one down. haha

they dropped a pallet of carling from the top of the racking at work once and it went everywhere. i think jake sent me this one.

this was from georges phone, just before we got a photo with jammer. not such a happy little murkle prick here is he?

my total in spar came up to 3:16. i was so buzzing out, my battery was dead so i got valena to take a picture and sent it to me.

natalie sent me this from the bus the day after i mentioned on a wicked-land post the night before how i saw a lad not wearing his shoes properly.

jamie sent me this picture of some slag lesbians in a club in london last weekend.

this was from a stupidly cheap night in life where everyone drank bottles of wine and replaced me.

i went to get a key cut with john and jamie a little while ago and they had these caps in the shop that had a hard plate inside. for the stylish scaffolder.

a lunch in leeds with jamie and bradders. this looks great doesn't it? look at those chips.

one time, when we went to play football where we play on a monday night i convinced myself that i had lost my phone up there, and had everyone looking for it with me. everyone thought they had seen me with it, and i got it in my head that i was using it in the car on the way up.

turns out i just left it at the flat the whole time. this is what i came back to.

finally, a bloke bradley seen riding a pushbike wearing his helmet and a tutu. genius guys in leicester.

i hope you have enjoyed this odd mix of pictures from different sources, ill post up soon, cheers!

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