Tuesday, 12 July 2011


NAME: Big Johns.

LOCATION: Narborough road, Leicester. (where the old posh co-op used to be)

MENU: The actual food and the menu were two different matters all together. The menu was extensive, with a lot to choose from, but at times very inconvenient. for example if you wanted a little something extra with your meal, it almost always came with chips. the chips were stodgy, bland, tasteless chip shop style chips, the grilled chicken panini i had was a bit greasy and heavy, but the pizza we both got was very nice. they also do this thing where you can make your own pizza, starting from £2.99 for a 6 inch one. they serve an unreal selection of drinks, from various different rubicons to grape sodas to vimto on tap to milkshakes. 5/10

(the menu was unbelieveable, i was spoilt for choice!)

ATMOSPHERE: it was a weird one, because we got there as soon as it opened, on the opening day there was a little buzz. a lot of people were excited, and a lot of passers by were just popping in. i quiet liked the atmosphere. 7/10

jamies meal: a cheese burger meal, vimto, vanilla milkshake, and pizza with inconvenient extra chips. £5.23

DECOR: it was well lit, obviously everything was gleaming because it had just opened and was very clean. its kind of similar to a small kfc inside. nothing unreal, but for a takeaway place on narbs it was nice. 7/10.

my meal: a grilled chicken and chicken panini w/ chilli sauce, banana milkshake, and pizza slice and chips. £5.48

SERVICE: the service was a bit stupid. the manager (pictured below) had no charisma, and just stood like this mooching around the whole time we were there. he didnt make an effort to meet or greet any of the customers, stood and watched as an asian man push in front of jamie, who had queued for a good 7 minutes to get another burger. the entire staff behind the counter consisted of young asian girls, and i think they were a bit nervous about the first day, maybe they will ease up after a while, but they were very cardboardy. 4/10.

jamie with the most boring man on narborough road today.

the queue was long because it had just opened, jamie waited ages for one thing they had sat ready.

PRICE: this was the main attraction, as you can see above, the prices are stupidly cheap. this gives you room, to go overboard and go mental. they do a thing called 'the famous five', five little dishes priced at £1.25 (slice of pizza and chips, doner burger etc etc). we said we are going to set a challenge to see who can eat the famous five in one sitting. the price is a horrendously low joke that is gonna drive down prices on narborough road. 10/10

CONCLUSION: i think it will be a bigger player and always be full just because people like cheap food. they serve a wide range of different kind of meals, perfect for if you and your mates aint sure what you want to eat, but no dish particularly excelled. i got the feeling they are a bit of a jack of all trades, but a master of none. i was honestly expecting a lot lot more, but it didn't really deliver. having said that, there is a lot of stuff on the menu i am yet to try or see.

doner burger to go £1.25

ill be going again to try that build your own pizza option though, talk to me after that.

the build your own pizza area. i noticed little indian snacks that were not listed on the menu.

FINAL MARK: 33/50.

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