Friday, 8 July 2011


i was just browsing over this weeks content and its clear that wicked-land is back. i got some good photos of the weird people of leicester, which i struggle with sometimes, but i have fucking loads of them in here. groundbreaking recipes, eating establishment exclusives. oh my god. hype hype. let go.

well here is your groundbreaking recipe. i got that banoffee spread and spread it on top of a vanilla cheesecake. 0/10 for presentation, 1,000/10 for taste. get. on. this. shit.

i went around to see lewis, he is living just around the corner now. i vocalled a couple of his instrumentals, it was pretty chilling.

this bloke was sat outside subway on the hottest day ever wearing this. people are mad. i sweat so much when I'm wearing next to nothing, i cant imagine this. you remember the super hot day last week? it was that day.

more madheads. this guy was riding up and down fosse road with a massive flag that said 'jesus is great, king of kings.'

i dont give a fuck what anybody says. any book that was written by a mortal man* like me or you bare time ago should not lead you to act like this. just for the chance to get into a fictional place that there is no documented proof of anyway. ridiculous behaviour. the genius thing is this guy thinks he knows something we dont too. wow.

*(me and jimlad are having a disagreement as to the use of the word 'man'. should the sentence read "...written by a mortal man like me or you" or "...written by a mortal, like me or you"?? we are up in arms this end.)

sticker features at work. i drew travis some pervert eyes.

simeon just checking up on how things are going in india. why would you wear shoes on your lunch break? i like to think he is india's link to western world, almost like a really friendly spy. like a scout. '..yeah, yeah... they have iphone 4, thats pretty good... they drive all normal...they have two sides to the road... i had another pizza the other day, they are really good.'

this woman brought maryland into that cheap sports shop in town. it really annoyed me. i dont really know why, like i understand that it is a shit old warehouse and not the sistine chapel, but still, have some decorum.

i saw stephen merchant too.

this deluded young twat (complete with stripey top) was selling ice cream out of a little kart thing. i wanted to say to him you are not in a movie, or america. or france. get a real job, or just go to the park and enjoy it. how pretentious.

that polish restaurant on narbs are now doing southern fried chicken!!! ill see you there!!!!

these guys were sat outside the doctors surgery using the wifi. it made me laugh. i often see guys sat on this bench.

for my mums birthday midweek myself and my family went for something to eat at the red cow, out towards LFE. it was really nice. my little sister had this peri peri chicken, and didn't like it, so i had double portions of chicken. winner!

this is lee pages xbox pad. he modified himself. he took the old buttons out, replaced them with actual 9mm bullets that he cut down himself and stuck a bit of balsa wood underneath so they worked. good innit!!

i wanted to throw these away. you know like that bit in a film (i cant really remember which film) where i big scandle is released about the character in the newspaper and they try to get all the papers and throw them away really quick and hurriedly? i cant think where it is from but thats what i wanted to do.

what kind of tasteless twats eat this shit? no sauce or anything, literally just white tasteless cheese on white bread. fucking freaks, try enjoying flavour.

i pulled up behind this lorry and it said "smile, soon be xmas." it made me laugh, the last few years, (as im sure with most of you reading) xmas has become about debt and spanking a load of money on people. these days i dread the financial dooms day that is christmas.


look at this guys funny headpiece. oh my god. bless him, i wanted to just tell him that his hair was not a sandy blonde. why not just go bald with dignity?

i bought an xbox from lee earlier in the week. everything was fine when i first got it home, then it started red ringing. i was gutted, i know now what that feeling feels like. (not being gutted, but the feeling of seeing the red ring. i have felt gutted before once.)

either way, i did a bit of research, and it does this certain thing when its over heated. there is a well known trick where you wrap a towel around it while you leave it running for a while to really overheat it, then take it off and it works fine. so far so good, i did it and its been working since.

made a pure top producer dinner last night. a chicken quarter pounder with cheddar cheese, bacon and gherkins. #showermanburgerstyle


thats the lot. i hope you enjoyed the post. ill post up some shhhhyat tomorrow.


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