Friday, 22 July 2011


hiya everyone. in case you didnt know i went to portugal with jamie for a bit last week. here are some photos from my trip. ive split the post into two parts because there were loads of photos.

because of coach times and shit like that we got to stansted at around 9pm on the wednesday night. we had to sleep the night there, the closest i've ever felt to being homeless. i saw some sights that night. a load of people were sleeping over.

i bumped into my mate dodds from nottingham, but forgot to get a picture. as well as that i saw this woman sleeping balled up over her suitcase, leaning face down...

this bloke had his little sleeping mask with his glasses back on over the top. it got so cold in the middle of the night.

seen this guy in the morning. went for his blue and white stripey t-shirt today. what would go with that? my blue and white stripey cardigan. fuck it.

got to portugal, got on the beach. niiiiiice. we were in Figueira Da Foz.

straight on a tanning one.

there were these shit little cartoons on this menu for this seaside cafe thing.

they served the worst pizza ever. is was so soggy and saucy.

everyday for the first few days was mainly pool and beach chilling.

bought these watermelon sweets. i thought they were like pieces of soft rock, they were just bubble gum. thoroughly disappointed.

me with some shit beach towels. i love this shit.

me, jamie, raf and andre (2 of jamies step brothers) buried. pretty good innit!!!

this was the best sweet i saw over there. didnt really see any mental buzzing sweets.

'fuck you, you're not me.'

we went to Coimbra for the day. they had a bunch of nice shit there.

lovely buildings.

some cultural bullshit too.


mandem chilling.

boring colour cars.

later that day we made a trip up to where jamie's step brothers dads house is, in these hills. just down the hill from them is this well nice little pebble beach that leads onto a river you can swim in. we had to cross this bridge to get over to the beach. this place was stupidly nice, like a fucking postcard.

it was so rickety and fucked up. the boys told us they 'rebuild' it every year because it gets washed away. it was horrible with planks missing and just odd bits of wood nailed on. squeaky and uneven.

this was my reward at the other end though, some cool bastard in this wicked ronaldo shirt.

accidental flash. whooops.

chilling in the river.

that evening, before the boys grandparents cooked us a lovely meal, we played football with some youts at this chapel courtyard in Vale de Canas.

these were the kind of drinks i was drinking too.


this drippy young lad was going up and down the strip on a really busy night wearing one of those bird things and annoying people. he couldn't have been making much money at all and was about my age. get a life.

ill leave it at that for the first part. ill write out the second part sunday evening and post up. cheers for reading and have a good weekend!!!

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