Thursday, 28 July 2011


yoooooooooooooo, what been going on? im fully back into the swing of things now, spent my week working, recording music and getting some long shit sorted. here's whats been going on.

while me and jamie were at the airport to fly out, this guy had the best haircut ever. short all over, except for a platte down his back.

elsa packed up his shit in some militant bag and was off to tramlines festival in sheffield for the weekend. he was supposed to be sleeping above a taxi rank for the weekend, but managed to land a house on his own.

FOOD WARS!!!!!!!! its going mental on narborough road, maryland are driving prices down further. now they are doing pizzas, and grilled toasties.

we went to big johns for the build your own pizza thing. the service there is so so dumb. i wanted a 7 inch pizza and a chicken burger meal, with the meal you cannot have water as your drink. you have to have coke, diet coke or vimto. the girls who work there are so thick too.

the pizza was a successful delight. a good range of toppings, relatively quick to cook and very cheap.

this little lad was riding around on a mobility scooter. his mum was saying nothing. he nearly ran into the indian bloke in the white shirt when he came in.

LOOOOOOLZAAA!!!!!!! banksy has obviously been to leicester. what is real? how philosophical. people who do this kind of shit are the worst humans. do they think they are being clever or starting a change or something? slit your wrists then kick away the stool you fucking waste of a life.

this lad was on fosse road, really struggling to get the trolley across the road. i think he was walking it back down to iceland to get the pound back.

i saw a bloke in the tesco express buying four big boxes of this orange trident gum. loads of it.

travis's healthy booker lunch. look appetising no?

ever have the problem where you sunglasses keep falling off your head when you look at things? FEAR NO MORE. just get these, with a super tight rubber strap on the back of your head.

i went for a nandos with the lads on sunday. we sat outside and the weather was so nice. reached my 10th loyalty stamp, so it meant a got a free whole chicken. i dont really like chicken off the bone, so i managed to swap it for 4 breasts, so just buying rice and chips my meal came to £4.25. buzzing doesnt even come into it.

why wear shoes when you can just lay down on a bench and take them off?

the celtic boys were in town.

this dog was driving this little red car near narborough road the other day.

winehouse died didn't she? hopefully now an album will get released. i went to asda to get some photos developed so i got a paper to read whilst i was waiting. this was on page three. it pissed me off because they can just start the coverage on it on page 4, cant they? thats not a problem is it? i was gutted.

...for a few pages! page 3 on page 9? winner!!!

also, kyles mum text him this the other day: "whats the difference between amy winehouse and a moped? a moped reaches 30." SHAADDAAAAP

so denise van outen has made it, making her break into cinema, with her first role ever in film in a british comedy called 'run for your wife.' thats the sun. a reliable source for information.

just check out the cast in these two films. these are two that i know of, and personally own, so fuck knows how many more there have been.,_Honour_and_Obey

me and both my sisters threw a barbecue party to celebrate my dads birthday/my mum and dads wedding anniversary. i forgot to get photos on the night as i was a little busy with shit, but i got a photo with some fucking money paper hustlers salad i had left over. love that pasta salad, potato salad, and veg kebabs.


i got a pack of party rings because i was having a shity day at work in a last ditch attempt to rectify my day. i figured i cant remember one bad day in my life where party rings have been included. think about it. last days of school/birthday parties when you were kids etc etc.

there are not a lot of things you can say that about. i opened the pack, and found the icing was over the holes, so i had party disks. my day continued to be shit.

max came to the gym with me. they have these wicked space doors.

i loved the wording on this. really cool shit.

thats all for the week!!! im going to global gathering over the weekend, so ill take lots of pictures of weird people monging out of there heads on drugs embarrassing themselves then post them on the internet. CHEERS FOR READING WICKED-LAND!!!!!!!

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