Wednesday, 6 July 2011


yo man. yow man! check out these really nice minimal prints, mainly advertising campaigns. they are all really simple, striped back concepts, that i really like the ideas behind. with blogger making the images a bit smaller, you may struggle to read some of the type, so i have annotated underneath each one.

this one says 'Heineken; social networking since 1873'

i reaaaaally like this one.

this is an advert for Mcdons free wifi.

this is for Oxy, the skin care company. the small type at the top says 'focus on the bottom for 20 seconds' bleeeeeeugh. too sick innit.

this is for sandisk advertising their micro 16gb flash drive. i had to think about it for a second, but i really liked this one too.

'sensodyne protects'

advert for coca cola light lemon.

a geeksquad advert saying 'fixed before it gets nasty'

thats the kind of shit I'm into. ill do a weekly photo post tomorrow. yoooooo

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