Sunday, 4 September 2011


if you are a regular reader, I'm sure you will know I'm always banging on about the place i work, booker cash and carry (leicester, 185.)

well today was my last day, i've finally hung up my booker blues after almost 6 years of loyal service, more or less since i left school. i had the job all through college and uni and now i've graduated, i've been lucky enough to find a full time job as a graphic designer.

booker really was a brilliant place. a place where i worked with some of my best mates and some of the nicest and safest people i have ever met.

a place where interesting people came and went.

andy and jake (left and centre) are two of the most genius people i've ever met. while andy is dumping money hand over fist on hopeless bets and constantly doing the walk of shame, jake (17) is making a 38 year old woman leave her husband and live with him. (they are still happily together.)

a place where friendships were formed. ('ped boys' jake and travis.)

a place where consumption was taken to a new level.

a place where 100's of litres of KA black grape got drunk. literally us lads would smash cases and cases of this purple crack cocaine.

a place where familiar faces came...

and went...

a place where (slightly) out of date rustlers burgers got reduced to 10p each, bought and nailed on the regular.

a place where i met dave from work. the original booker 185 hall of famer.

a place where selves got faced up and made to look bang tidy.

most of all a place where i met some great, great lads. i love the place so so much, and i seen so many people come and go over the years. some people who have turned out to be some of my best mates.

i remember my dad said to me once that enjoying a job is nothing to do with what you are doing but who you are doing it with, and i couldn't have asked for a better bunch at booker.

im gonna miss this lot, and that place so badly.

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