Saturday, 17 September 2011


this post should really be called "photos of jamie with his top off." ah well, the weather was nice so tops came off. today we cycled broughton astley, some long route round. it was pure fun.

took some pictures of/with horses.

pure show show personalised number plate.


we were in the middle of nowhere.

jamie booted over this cone that was on top a wasps nest. got told off by some old woman. had to put the cone back.

more animals got dissed.

it started to really, really piss it down.

i wasn't impressed. not fucking vest and shorts weather is it?

jamies bank card stuck to his fags. looks sick innit.

some fucked up police car was there in the background.

my gods.

finished our bike ride with a mcdonalds. jacket, no top. chill.

DEM KIND OF SESSIONS. next saturday, birstall kind of sides. anyone welcome, i wanna get a 20 man (and feman) crew of bikers rolling around telling kids to fuck off and bullying animals. that would be siiiiiiiiick.

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