Wednesday, 7 September 2011


hello everyone. here is wicked-land and what has been going on.

so i got a new job. its working for a small promotions company doing all their design work, branding different nightclub nights and a bunch of other stuff. making flyers, posters and t-shirts and that. this is my desk. i started last thursday and its going wicked so far!

this made me laugh. a business card on the counter in a sandwich shop for a solicitors. 'specialists in uk immigration law'.

this looks shit doesn't it. i did it accidentally and thought that it looked so rubbish.

this massive bloke was in burger king. i bet the staff called him 'whopper'. he was proper tall, i thought he was gonna eat every single burger in there before i could even get a look in.

here is a really old picture of meridian crew, including JME and skepta. they must be like 19/20ish here.

im enjoying the lunches again in town. sarah who i work with pointed me in the direction of a new sandwich shop opened up by the guy who owns croques. apparently, he has sold croques because it is a big brand now and opened this.

i didn't get to go in because the queue was hyping out of the door. intact i ended up walking across town to go to croques and queue for ages anyway. i should have just stayed here and waited right?

this guy was at croques pure biting me. i have the same t-shirt, shorts and glasses and always wear them together. unbelievable isn't it.

i will confidently say that this is the oldest down syndrome bloke i have ever seen in my life.

had a quiet one in with a big jar of nutella the other night. I've gave up on stock piling chocolate bars now. ill just get a huge jar of nutella and leave it with a spoon in my bed side draw. the finer things in life. i think if i was rich i would have a tap, like the frozen yoghurt ones in nandos, but it would pump out nutella.

i love the design on these jars. i wanna chop the lid off one, wash it out and keep stuff in it.

i cooked something nice the other night. i made some wedges, and made like a spicy beef and vegetable stir fry, with loads of peppers and sweetcorn in it. oh man, it was so tasty.

this huge stupid tree on fosse road near my sisters house pisses me off so bad. it hangs down all over the pavement and always gets in the way. i shouldn't be forced to crawl the curb when walking around this corner, but i am. its either that or duck down to my knees under the tree. fucking thing. i might go and trim it. blog that fucker.

808 & heartbreaks era kanye west was on the million pound drop.

also on this episode, some couple had about £400,000 pounds left and the question was 'what came first? the mcchicken sandwich or the egg mcmuffin?' (thinking about it now, thats a cool play on 'what came first, the chicken or the egg.' preeeeeeeetty gooooood.)

well anyway, they put all their money on the mcchicken sandwich and lost the lot. i couldn't believe it. i thought that was definitely the right answer.

kyle and sam hit the town dressed as twins.

booker boys in full effect. here, they are chilling with a couple half pallets of euro shopper energy drink, winner of 'economy wholesale product of the year' 2009, 2010 and 2011.

as I'm sure you read in my previous post, i left booker. after almost 6 years of slog this was the last time i used the clocking machine. i clocked out alone in the little office and had a bit of a moment.

this made me laugh.

i went out with the work guys for nandos. purple polo boys were in attendance.

i fucking hate stupid thick people who cannot take photos. the dumb bitch waitress took three and this was the best one of the three. turn the fucking camera landscape and then maybe stand a chance of getting us all in? is that me? am i wrong? or is that common fucking sense? mongol idiot.

jason bombed a load of the hot hot sauce for a pound.

how mad are the metro? saying adele is 27. her second studio album earlier the year named '21', quite obviously named after her age might be an indication. a follow up to her acclaimed first album, named '19', released when she was... 19 years of age.

this leaf is shower in the head. autumnal colours are what I'm all about.

this guy was pretty cool too. seen him in the highcross chilling. some of those dumb non-sock-wearing scene lads would die for his steez. or his warner brothers leather flat cap. hold tight this guy.

i bought this, i love banana things. it was like banana flavour gelatine, sugar sort of stuff in a thin, glossy dark chocolate covering. every bit as shit as it sounds.

we watched the riveting england vs wales match and at half time went to burger king.

i joked around with the bloke who was serving us and asked him if he was a vegi. he was. then i quizzed him if it was for ethical or religious reasons and he said ethical. wow. i wasn't sure what to get so i asked him what animal; out of a chicken or a cow, he would rather see brutally slaughtered for the glutinous western male. he said a cow.

my chicken tenderstrip burger meal was delicious.

his other little mate (pictured) was a vegi too.

this made me laugh. i want to ask her 'what exactly is it you love about new walk? is it the polish prostitutes or is it the smack head muggers who constantly lurk around?' oh wait i know. the job centre isn't it? the epicentre and meeting point for the jeremy kyle candidates of leicester that could only be more perfect if it was on the tramp road in town where argos is.

seen a bloke with a bad boy airbrushed wolves t-shirt on in mcdonalds.

I've been cycling into town and locking my bike up for this new job. I've been locking it near the highcross, out the back and to the right, where all the buses pull into town. it took 2.5 days of locking it up there until somebody robbed it.

im not that bothered, its just inconvenient more than anything, it was a piece of shit. apparently, where i had it locked, bikes get nicked from there all day everyday. the rails are owned by the council and not patrolled or CCTV'ed by the highcross security staff.

thats all really. my sister gave me a nice link that ill post up tomorrow. thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen!

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