Thursday, 29 September 2011


so last week i met lauren for lunch and we went around the international market that was in town for a few days last week. here are some photos of some real cool shit that i saw there.

there was so much good sweet stuff. i wanted everything. i kept thinking that i wish i was rich so i could just buy it all and have it all in my house for when i fancied a snack.

an old man watching a hog roast.

bare nice sausages.

this was a 4kg tub of nutella. oh my god. oh my god.

so far our actual lunch we got an ostrich burger each. they were so so nice! seriously, you wouldn't be able to tell it apart from a really nice beef burger. a little more gamier, but so delicious.

there were these wicked hand-made dream catchers with airbrushed paintings of wolves on.

babushka dolls! loads of them.

they had some mental chocolate stuff.

more paella. it smelt so unreal.

antlers incase you wanna buy some for your house. or to superglue to the bonnet of your car.

he had massive rugs thats were reindeers skins. he also sold the meat tinned. it looked like cat food.

more chocolate.

jagermeister chocolate. i can't image that being very nice at all.

loads of wood stuff. i should have got something for animal corner.

loads of nice handmade sketchbooks made from leather with patterns carved into them.

i got one of these bollywood poster ones.

more unreal chocolate stuff!

these stupid muffins with loads on sweets on the top. they looked ridiculous.

all in all it was so crazy. loads of shit there, and if i was rich i would have shut it down and just bought every single thing. also, if ever you get a chance, have an ostrich burger. beddy beddy good.


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